Pupils’ Work

Our Spooky Tales

Martha’s Story:

My friend bet me €100, that I wouldn’t spend the night in the old abandoned house, but I did stay there.

This is where my story begins……..

…… As I entered the house, I heard a scream, like someone was being murdered, it was creepy. Then the door to the right, opened. I walked in and thought, it was quite nice and not as shabby as I thought it was going to be.

Then I froze on the spot. I looked down and I saw blood, I stepped forwards. I saw shelves with creepy dolls on them, their dresses were covered in blood, their faces were broken. Then a child’s voice said   “ One, two, we’re coming for you,” then laughed. Immediately the dolls jumped off the shelves and followed me holding knives. Guess what?  The knives were covered in blood too! To my horror, I was cornered.

The girl said, “ Stay ……. For many years we have been alone,”

I screamed “NO.” Just then everything stopped. I picked up a doll and threw it across the living room. The girl came out of the shadow, she was a human, and her face was hard to see. I knew who it was, I remembered the videos on YouTube, The CreepyPastas. There was black pouring from her empty eyes. It was Jane……. I was terrified.

I said trembling “Please don’t kill me!”

“Awww but where’s the fun in that?” she laughed mentally. She fell on her back, I thought now’s my chance!

I ran up the stairs into the master bedroom, and with that, I jumped on the bed, lit the candle and locked the door, I forgot to lock the window, and I fell asleep. In the morning I woke up. I felt pain everywhere. I saw Jane, her hood was off, she laughed and said, ‘‘It was very foolish of you to stay here.’’

I knew my friend was waiting with the money I jumped out the window into the garden below and ran to my friend. She would be at her house. I was still scared, but it was warmer now as I ran from the old house as fast as I could. Lilac saw me coming.

I shouted, ‘‘Hide it’s not safe!’’

Lilac grabbed me inside and asked me, ‘‘What was it like?’’

I told her everything she looked scared. And took out her phone and went on Facebook and posted it and said,‘‘This will be an awesome post!’’

I said ‘‘Hey! It’s not funny!” Then a doll fell in the window.

I said ‘‘Oh no this is one of the dolls the killer ones!’’

Lilac said, ‘‘This can’t be good!’’

I smashed the china doll, but the voice spoke Jane’s voice, ‘‘You can’t run’’ and laughed and then disappeared. Then a plastic box chucked itself at me it missed luckily.

I said, ‘‘Bye, I’m going home.’’ And ran home.

Then Jane spoke, ‘‘This is not the end of this it has only just begun..!’’


Maya’s Story :

I waved goodbye to my mum and dad as they drove off to the costume party. They said they would be back at midnight, but last time they said that they came back at five in the morning. closed the door and looked around, when you’re alone no matter how many lights you turn on, it always seems dimmer.

I didn’t go out with my friends, throwing flour and eggs at people’s houses. I had a bunch of homework to catch up on, and anyway I was seventeen and was getting a bit old for Halloween. My friends called me a spoil sport, but I really didn’t care. I went upstairs to my bedroom. The stairs were much creakier than usual, and the hallway so much longer. I switched on the light and left it on. I wouldn’t admit to my parents that it was kind of creepy without them.

I didn’t believe in the whole “monsters come out on Halloween” thing, but the creaky stairs and the flickering light was enough for me. I went into my room and closed the door, I knew homework was my excuse for not going with my friends but now that it came to it, I really wasn’t the slightest bit bothered. I belly flopped onto my bed and lay there for about five minutes, just listening. Listening to the breeze rustling the trees, the crickets outside, my door creaking open. My door that I had shut firmly…

I got up to close the door but noticed the light in the hall was off. It didn’t blow, because when I checked the switch was off too. I tested the switch and the light flickered on. I leaned over the banister to see the light in the kitchen was also off, yet the light in my room was still on I felt a shiver go down my spine. Both from cold and unease. I quickly felt the radiator. It was cold, not the kind of cold you get when the radiator hasn’t been turned on, it was ice cold. I pulled my hand back as if it had bit me. I reached for the switch and pushed it up and down, nothing happened. I ran into my room and looked out the window. It wasn’t pitch black yet so I could just about see that the neighbour’s car was gone and their lights were out. The only neighbours around for miles were gone. No one to hear me scream. No that’s crazy, I thought, the horror movies must be getting to me. There was only one thing I was scared of… Dolls, little ,china dolls with their smiles and their realistic, dainty, little eyes that follow you wherever you… No I wasn’t going to freak out, I didn’t own any dolls and I wasn’t a wimp, usually.

I decided I would distract myself with homework, and food. Never doubt the power of food. I strided out to the stairs, took a deep breath, put my hand on the banister, asked myself why I was was creeped out and marched down into the kitchen. I slowly walked towards the counter, turning my head every 3.now and then, almost expecting to see a ghost. I opened the cupboard and pushed around packets and boxes searching for something to eat. “Bingo!” I said to myself, I had found a jumbo pack of spicy Doritos, which had been opened but was practically full. I pulled out the packet and closed the cupboard door. I ran back up stairs, Doritos in hand, up into my room.

The door to my room was closed. I was sure I had left it open. I shouldered open the door and… I dropped the Doritos. My heart stopped, and then started again, but this time it was racing.

There on the wooden floor of my room, rocking from side to side on its back, was a doll. A china doll. It had black hair and a red dress with dainty, little bows on its dress and hair. Its glassy eyes seemed to be staring at the ceiling but looking at me at the same time. I stared in horror as every time it rocked, it hit the floor, so it was making a noise that sounded a bit like, tick… tick… tick… tock. I backed up against the wall, terrified, shaking. I didn’t own any dolls and my parents definitely didn’t either. To most people I would be over reacting, but on Halloween night, when a doll comes out of nowhere, and that noise, tick… tick… tick….. tock….. It was so irritating! And the dolls little, pink, rosy cheeks, and its little, mischievous smile, teasing me as if it knew I hated the sound. I didn’t even try to be brave, I didn’t care. There was 4. nobody else at home anyway. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t pick up the doll an throw it away. Even though I really wished I could.

I ran downstairs into the kitchen, no longer caring about the creaky stairs, or the lights that were once again off. I grabbed the sweeping brush from the cupboard behind the stairs, and ran back up into my room. I pulled off an all most perfect side kick at the door, attempting an epic entrance, which failed only leaving a dirty footprint from my shoes, on the door. At  first the kick seemed to do nothing, which I was not proud of, but then the door slowly creaked open…….

The doll was still there, still rocking, still ticking. But on my desk in the corner of the room, one of my books was open. I couldn’t see much from where I was standing, but I knew I had never opened any of my books. I held the brush like a sword, pointing at the doll. I took a deep breath and pushed the brush along the floor, taking the doll with it. I brushed the doll as far from me as possible. My room was relatively big, and even from the other side of the room, I could hear the doll ticking in my ears as loud as banging drums. I covered my ears trying to block out the ticking, but no matter what I did I could still hear the ticking in my head. I jogged over to my desk, hands clamped over my ears. I leaned over the desk to look at the book. My hands fell to my sides and my mouth gaped open. In the middle of the page, written in writing that looked like a spider covered in ink had crawled across the page, were the words tick tick tick tock the time has come.

My legs turned to jelly and my whole body was shaking. The words were repeating over and over in my head. The time has come, the time has come. I sank to the floor. My head started throbbing; I felt the whole house shake. I turned my heads to see the mirror crack. I felt a tear running down my cheek. I heard a hiss, I looked to where the hissing was coming from. The doll was gone. Disappeared. In its place was a pile of what looked like black ash. I cried out, a shiver ran down through me. Everything turned cold……

My window shattered, and through it came an ashy blackness. I had no other words to describe it.  It was just, black. Black and cold, and empty. It made me feel empty. I froze, my eyes opened so wide with fear I thought they might fall out. The blackness seemed to be hissing, quietly hissing the words the time has come, the time has come. As the blackness floated towards me, it paused, and all went still. I whimpered as the blackness started moving towards me, but to my horror, as it moved it started to go tick… tick… tick… tock…

Every time it moved towards me I felt an agonising shock go through me. When it was directly in front of me, it seemed to reach out to me, into my soul, trying to take something out of me, but every time it would reach further inside me I would double over in pain. Then it started to pull out of me all of my happy thoughts, memories, feelings draining me of emotion. As it did so, I looked at it in what I would imagine would be its face. 6.    It was changing. First it was black, then it had the face of the doll, I heard faint laughter then it was gone. Then it changed to my mom’s face, she was reaching out to me, she seemed so real. Then she was gone, and instead of laughter I heard screaming. I cried and wailed but it was too strong. Then when it had drained me of almost everything, it disappeared. And in its place it left a gust of wind.

I pushed myself to my feet, everything seemed to be in slow motion, like in a dream, no a nightmare. I ran to the door, only looking back once to see the pile of ash where the doll used to be, and ran. I just ran. I ran down the stairs, I ran outside, I ran across the road, my body aching all over, into the forest, into the night. My heart was pumping, my chest was on fire and my head was throbbing.

“I can’t live like this” I thought, “almost emotionless, drained of everything except pain, the words happy, joy, smiles, they had no meaning to me, they seemed so distant, it seemed like years since I was with my parents living a life I can’t even remember.” That’s what I thought as I ran into the blackness.


Hannah’s Story:

It was Halloween, at about 16:30pm, I got a phone call, it was Alexis she seemed so excited. She was talking really loud and fast that I held the phone away from my ear. She was practically shrieking with laughter. “What are you talking about?” I replied as I was busy playing video games.

“There’s a contest,” she laughed, “It says ‘whoever lasts the longest in an old house, down by the old train track in Mary Street, get this. THEY WIN €300!’ but… you’re a bit of a scaredy cat… I don’t expect you to win…”

“I am not!” I retorted. “I’m not going, no matter what!”

“I’ll add another €100 to that,” she said temptingly.

“Fine,” I sighed “So much for being stubborn…” I murmured “But, I know what you’re doing,” I mumbled and got up. “So, when does this thing start?” I asked.

“At 19:30, that should give you enough time to dress up.”

“Hey! I’m not dressing up! I’m too old for that!”

“You have to if you want that money. Oh yeah, make it scary. You can scare the other contestants” she giggled. And then she hung up.

“You’re helpful, so helpful…you really could have helped a bit more…” I muttered. An hour or so later I put on some face paint; put on the bottom half of the costume I dyed my hair and put on some fluffy foot warmers “I haven’t dressed up in a long time…” I frowned. “I should ask Alexis to pick me up… after all she did drag me into this” I took the phone from my pocket and called Alexis “can you come and pick me up?” I asked.

“I don’t know” she mumbled “I’m kinda’ busy…”

“PLEASE!” I begged.

“I guess so…” she sounded unsure “I’ll be there in 10 minutes or so…”

“Thank y-“She hung up… again When Alexis arrived we left in a hurry.

“Nice costume,” she smiled

“Thanks” I smiled back. We got there soon after.

“Better go in case you’re late, I’ll go park,” she told me. I stepped out of the car.

“Ok, thanks aga-“she drove off. “Well then…” I frowned again. I rushed towards the old building; there was a temporary stage in front of the house. I looked up at the big, old house; it was like one from a horror movie… And I felt like one of the characters from a horror movie too,  ya’ know, the stupid ones, the ones that always go straight to the danger. My heart sank, “Am I really going to do this?” I cried. Everyone who was there to watch the competition turned and looked at me, My face turned red and I felt really dizzy. There was a few seconds of silence that felt like an eternity. Eventually everyone looked away. I let out a long sigh.

“Ok… Now, will the contestants please step forward?” was bellowed through the speakers. I prepared myself and pushed my way to the front, people were glaring at me with smirks and smug faces. I got to the front of the crowd and joined the others, I felt so small standing beside them. They had a look of superiority that made me shrink. There were about thirty other contestants including me there. “Now” bellowed the pudgy man in a suit on the stage “I will tell you, you are allowed to scare other contestants,” he paused and grinned “that’s the fun.”

“I’m not going to last five minutes” I muttered to myself.

“And don’t forget, if you scream you’re out!” he announced dragging me away from my thoughts. Everyone gave a little nod… apart from me. “And if you forgot to bring food, we have some hidden around the house, good luck!”

“Ahh, no, let’s make that five seconds. I won’t last more than five seconds.” I gritted my teeth “why did I let Alexis drag me into this?!”

“Now!” the man bellowed once more, “let’s begin, oh… and do try to have fun,” he smirked. One by one everyone walked into the house, everyone got five minutes to hide. I (of course) was one of the last ones to go in. I found a small box, big enough for me to squeeze into. I closed the lid and shut my eyes.

“I don’t care if it’s cheating I’m scared, I’m a scaredy cat!” The top of the box shuffled around and then creaked open, I jumped out at the person. They moved to one side and let me crash onto the floor. “Oww,” I moaned and she didn’t even scream. I drew myself up slowly to my knees and glared at the person. It was a young girl, “Dressed up as a dead bride eh?” I asked, as she was wearing a long dress and a veil. She didn’t reply, instead she changed the subject.

“C-can I go with you?” she asked.

“I don’t think so.” I murmured.

“Please!” she begged.

“You joined this contest; you can do it by yourself.” I frowned.

“But it’s scary here.”

“I’m sure it is, but I don’t trust you” I told her getting a bit angry.

“But I-I’ll loose, I-I don’t have a chance.”

“Neither do I, leave me alone” I was trying to keep my voice calm.

“But…” her voice trailed off.

“Fine, fine! I don’t want you to cry!”

“Yay!” she smiled “Let’s go in there!” she pointed to a room.

Ehh… I’m not sure… it looks dark and scary…. I don’t really want to… but I guess so…” I frowned, unsure if it was a trap or not.

“Ok let’s go!” She ran towards the room and I followed, when we were in the room she closed the door “So nobody can find us, or scare us,” her voice sounded dull and broken.

“It’s dark in here,” I murmured she rushed towards a light switch and flicked it.

“It’s not working,” She told me.

“Maybe you flicked it the wrong way…” I flicked it again, it flickered on and then off “Ehh…” I frowned.

“Its ok!” she sat down on the bed.

“Be careful! Don’t break the floor boards, they’re flimsy,” I smiled ‘Maybe I can trust her…’ I thought. I tried the light switch again, no luck (as I expected.) “What’s your name?”

“I wonder if the door is made of thick wood,” She giggled, changing the subject.

“What’s the difference between thick and thin wood?” I asked.

“If the wood is thick nobody can hear you scream,” She giggled.

“But if you did want me to lose, you’d want me to scream, and people to hear.” I tried to smile.

“Ahh, good point,” she jumped down off the bed and tried opened the door. “it’s locked,” She laughed. “But that doesn’t mean I can’t scare you.”

‘I’m not losing to a little kid’ I told myself ‘No way!’ she lifted up her veil ‘THE DOORS LOCKED!” I began to panic. “Yo-you-you’re no-not hum-human” I stammered.

“You only realize this now?!” she giggled. Her face was made of shiny plastic, her eyes rolled around in their sockets, she had a painted-on smile and a tiny pointy nose; she had rosy red cheeks and long eyelashes. She picked up what I thought was a fake sword, but now, I was going to be attacked with it, it seemed very real.

“Why do these things always happen to me?” I moaned. I began to shuffle away.

“And where do you think you’re going?” She walked towards me menacingly.

“You’re outta’ luck.” I smiled.

“What are you talking about?” She asked.

“Horror movie logic, whenever something’s moving this slowly towards me, and whenever they say that phrase, I can find some way to escape, ya know, like in the horror movies.”

“Yeah, yeah. You’re just reassuring yourself.” Her voice started to drain away.

“HA!” I yelled “you’re outta battery, I told you!”

“Oh, no I’m not battery powered!” She twisted the key on her back.

“Oh… That’s awkward…” I smiled, trying to lighten the mood I looked for something to hit that-that thing with, but there was nothing. I was defenceless! I began to back away again; my back touched the wall, ‘Is this the end of the line I thought. The floorboards creaked and bent under my weight. ‘AHA!’ this is my way out!’ I put my hands out in front of me and began jumping up and down.

“What are you doing?” the doll asked, puzzled. But it was too late the floor boards broke and creaked. I fell onto the floor. I didn’t look back, I just ran, I didn’t know where I was going, I didn’t stop, I just ran. My heart was beating so fast that I thought it would burst out of my chest, my ears were ringing. I began to slow down after I had turned a few corners.

“Why did I take part in this contest?” I asked myself. I fell against the wall and slowly slid down it letting out a long sigh. “At least I didn’t scream,” I mumbled trying to cheer myself up. It didn’t really work, mum always said, ‘If you laugh enough whatever scares you goes away…’ I began laughing, and my laughter got louder and louder , so much so that I had to muffle it with my bag, “it actually works” I giggled. My stomach rumbled… “I’m really hungry” I stood up. “I could go look for the food he told me about.”  I picked up my bag and began wandering around, suddenly eerie music began to play, I couldn’t tell where it was coming from, it sounded like it was coming from everywhere… “but wait” I took my phone from my pocket, to check the time, it had a cracked screen and I couldn’t do anything but turn it on .“I can buy a new one with the €400, I’ll be sure to tell Alexis to give me and extra €50, as it was really scary” I clicked the on button again as I wasn’t paying attention the first time, “ITS ONLY BEEN AN HOUR?!” I sighed…again.

I ended up in the attic, somehow I thought I was going to the kitchen and that’s not the worst part… its one of those doors you can only open from the outside, I closed the door behind me so nobody could scare me from behind… this house is a maze… I found a candle I’m just sitting in.

the corner with it, and I’m trying not to cry, I tell myself over and over ‘it’s just a dream a horrible, HORRIBLE dream’ I hear something moving… I hope it’s

just a rat… maybe I should go check… I REALLY do feel like a stupid character from a horror movie now! I lifted up my candle and crawled around the floor, there were broken bits of china, plastic and some other weird things. It was like a graveyard, a graveyard of dolls I bent down and picked one up, the string on its back was cut off I pulled the tiny bit that was left of it, it tried to sing a song but its voice… its voice was so shrill! It hurt my head, I got a pounding headache. I threw it to the ground and stomped on its head (a bit violent I know but it was all I could think of.) the awful voice began to fade. “That was easy” I mumbled.

The eerie music began to play but this time I could tell where it was coming from “for god sake! I don’t want to go looking from where the sound is coming from!” It got louder “I really should go look… what if…” I was dragged away from my thoughts once more by an evil cackle, I groaned and began crawling around, I got a splinter in my hand “owww” I moaned. I eventually found the source of the music, I could make out a shape… some colour. I stood up and so did the figure, I tried to break free and back away but couldn’t move, my feet felt as heavy as lead. I felt a chill go down my spine I gritted my teeth ‘Don’t scream, don’t scream, don’t scre-“ the figure lifted its mask and I turned away and close my eyes.

“YOU WON!” it was the pudgy man from the stage; I was released and  I fell to my knees and began laughing.

“I thought I was going to die,” I cried. The man handed me my €300 and told me I had done very well.

“NOW!” I clapped my hands as I left “Time to get the other €100! Oh yeah and add €50 to that” I smirked. Staying in the house had been scary, but it was worth it (and I could’ve been in there forever!) But I don’t think I’ll be going there again anytime soon.


Our Mini Business Projects

Here are the business projects completed by students from 4th to 6th class.

business projects and christmas cards 013  business projects and christmas cards 012  business projects and christmas cards 007   business projects and christmas cards 006 business projects and christmas cards 008   business projects and christmas cards 004

business projects and christmas cards 009 business projects and christmas cards 005   business projects and christmas cards 001

business projects and christmas cards 002  business projects and christmas cards 003business projects and christmas cards 010   business projects and christmas cards 011

Halloween Art Work

Posted on October 24, 2013

halloween 2 2103 009  halloween 2 2103 010

Picture 1 : Isabel, Dylan and Sam (Junior Infants – Second Class)

Picture 2 : Gavin, Elana and Ben (Junior Infants – Second Class)

halloween 2 2103 015

Picture 3 : Isabel (Junior Infants)

halloween 2 2103 016

Picture 4 : Gavin and Sam (both Second Class)

halloween 2 2103 019      halloween 2 2103 018

Picture 5 : Ella (Second Class)

Picture 6 : Amber (Sixth Class)

halloween 2 2103 046

Picture 7 : Sol and Christopher (from Fourth and Sixth Class)

halloween 2 2103 034

Picture 8 : from left to right, Cameron, Amber, Aoife and Fionn  (Senior Room)

halloween 2 2103 040

Picture 9 : from left to right, Eva, Amanda, Thomas and Christopher (Senior Room)

halloween 2 2103 038halloween 2 2103 049

Picture 10 : Sapphire (Sixth Class)

Picture 11 :  Melissa (Sixth Class)

halloween 2 2103 027

Picture 12 : Fionn and Hannah (fourth and Fifth Class)

halloween 2 2103 023

Picture 13 : Amber (Sixth Class) and Ella (Second Class)

halloween 2 2103 022

Picture 14 : Amanda and Eva (both in Fourth Class)

halloween 2 2103 032  halloween 2 2103 028

Pictures 15-17 : The 3D Pumpkin Books made by Junior Infants – Second Class  (Bird’s eye view and side view)

halloween 2 2103 031

An Fómhar (The Autumn)

Tá an Fómhar buailte linn arís. Tá trí mhí san Fhómhar – Lúnasa, Meán Fómhair agus Deireadh Fómhair. Is maith liom an ómhar mar bíonn na torthaí go léir aibí. Ach ní maith liom é ar shlí eile mar bíonn an Geimhreadh fuar lom ag teacht.

  school oct 13 046

Ag tús an Fhómhair bíonn an aimsir go hálainn fós. Ach de réir a chéile téann sí in olcas. Filleann an bháisteach agus an ghaoth agus an sioc agus ag deireadh an Fhómhair bíonn sé fuar agus fluich agus gaofar.

school oct 13 045

Bíonn an dúiche go hálainn ag tús an Fhómhair. Bíonn duilleoga ildaite ar na crainn. Bíonn siad dearg agus donn agus glas agus buí. Bíonn na barra arbhair ag luascaadh mar bhrat órga. Ach titeann na duilleoga agus baintear na barra agus ag deireadh an Fhómhair bíonn an dúiche fuar lom.

school oct 13 044

school oct 13 041

Téann na laethanta i ngiorracht agus bíonn an oíche fada. Bíonn créatúir bheaga ina chodladh agus imíonn na héin imirce go dtí na tíortha teo. Ag deireadh an Fhómhair tagann Oíche Shamhna agus is breá linn go léir é sin.

school oct 13 042


salt 4   Learning about Salt

The Dead Sea is the saltiest sea in the world. The Dead Sea is located between Jordan and Israel. Even though the Dead Sea is 33.7% salt, there is still life in the Dead Sea. Not long ago a diver found a rock covered in a thick mat of microbes. The floods from the rains wash life into the Dead Sea. That doesn’t mean that life disappears completely when the rainy season is over. Scientists have found craters along the sea bed filled with bacteria. There is also one species of algae there too. Scientists are not completely sure how these species manage to survive. Despite the fact that they say that the sea is known to be completely “dead”, there is still life in the Dead Sea.

By Eva Lamb

salt 4  Learning about Salt

Salt is also known as table salt or rock salt. It is a crystal mineral that is composed primarily from sodium chloride. It’s essential for animal, life but can be harmful to animals and plants in excess. Salt is one of the oldest most biblical food seasonings and salting is an important method of food preservation. The taste of salt is one of the basic human tastes.

Salt for human consumption is produced in different forms, unrefined, refined and iodized. It is a crystalline solid, white pale pink or light grey in colour. It is normally obtained from sea water or rock deposits. Edible rock salts may be slightly greyish in colour because of mineral content.

Due to its importance for survival, salt has often been considered a valuable commodity during human history. However as salt consumption has increased during modern times, scientists have become aware of the health risks associated with high salt consumption.

By Andrew Buckingham

salt 4   Learning about Salt

Salt is one of the things our bodies need to function properly. Sodium is in salt and our bodies need sodium to control the amount of water in our blood. If there is too much salt in our bodies it causes our blood pressure to get too high. This could lead to heart disease, stroke and other illnesses. In Ireland two out of every five deaths are from these diseases. If we add too much salt to our food or eat too much processed food, eg bread, soup sauce, this can lead to health problems.

Salt is not just found in our bodies but in the world around us also.  The oceans and the seas and some lakes are made up of salt water. A salt water lake or sea, is a lake or sea where there is no route for the water to leave it. For example the Dead Sea in Israel has the saltiest water in the world. It is called the Dead Sea because no animals or plants can live there. The water in the Dead Sea is very dense, so you’re able to float as if you were on an air bed. The air around the sea is clean and can help people with breathing problems such as asthma.

We need the right amount of salt to live, but in places like the Dead Sea nothing can live.

By Thomas Atkinson

harvest 3Harvest Time

Harvest is the first month of autumn and it is the start of the harvest season in Ireland. In Celtic times the festival of Lughnasa was celebrated in Ireland. This was a happy time for the people as they filled their stores and sheds with crops to feed them and their animals through the winter.

Today we still celebrate the harvest by having a service in church. The church is decorated with grain fruit vegetables and flowers to represent some of the crops that farmers harvest at this time of the year.

Different types of farmers harvest a variety of crops. Tillage farmers are especially busy in August gathering in wheat, barley and oats.  Vegetable growers are harvesting potatoes, turnips, cabbage etc

If the weather during the summer months is too wet or cold it affects the quality of the harvest. For example last summer was very wet and the potato crop was very poor. This meant that potatoes were very expensive to buy in the shops.

A good harvest is vital for farmers and the economy in general because farmers make their money from the crops they grow and this money is spent in shops and their local communities.

By Thomas Atkinson

harvest 3  Harvest Time

In many different countries of the world different crops are grown, this is because some foods need hot temperatures to grow but some need the opposite. Harvest can be grown for all kinds of reasons. Most crops are grown and picked to put on the supermarket shelves for people to buy and eat but some people prefer to grow their own harvest and use it for their own needs like picking blackberries and making jam.

In Africa one of their vast growing crops is coffee beans, to get coffee beans fit and ready to be on the supermarket shelves they have to be processed and dried out on cement for a month, and then put threw a mechanical machine that kills all the bacteria that lie inside the beans. Finally they are put into packets and shipped of off to supermarkets and into you cup of coffee.

In Africa if they have had a good harvest they will hold a harvest festival, They are celebrating and thanking God for the good harvest. Dancers wear masks as the dance around the campfire each dance tells a story.

Harvest means a lot to some people in some cases it decides if they will get food on the table or the money to even buy the food.

By Sapphire Guilfoyle

harvest 3 Harvest Time 

The weather in Ireland is unpredictable, so you can never tell if the harvest will be good or bad. In Ireland we harvest most of the crop in autumn. In Ireland we harvest things such as wheat, barley, oats, corn, potatoes, lettuce, cabbage, carrots, turnips and a few more vegetables too. In Ireland people sometimes put up Poly-tunnels to keep the plants warm and dry.

In different countries in Europe like France, they grow sunflowers, grapes, apples, plums, peaches, and pears because it is a hotter country. But in places out of Europe like Israel, because it is so hot nearly all year round, they can harvest in spring, summer and autumn. In Israel they can grow bananas, pecan nuts, and grapefruit as well as some other tropical fruits. But even in colder countries like Iceland people grow crops, but for this they use a poly-tunnel like tomatoes, potatoes and turnips like in Ireland.

The things people harvest can be cooked and baked in many different ways, for example oats, wheat and barley can be made into cereals, like porridge, and flake cereals, and barley is used to make beers, Guinness and animal feed.

Wheat is also used for many other food items such as bread, pasta, noodles, crackers, biscuits etc.

Harvest time is a very special time of year in many countries there are all kinds of celebrations, such as in America and Canada they celebrate Thanksgiving at Harvest time which is usually October/November.  In Israel there are two harvest celebrations, one is Sukkot for fruit harvests and the other is Passover for corn.  During August and September we picked lots of blackberries, which we made jam, tarts and muffins, yummy!  In Ireland there is lots of harvest festivals now, where they thresh the corn, oats and barley and there is music, food and crafts and other fun activities for all the family.

By Maya  Long de Bruin

harvest 3  Harvest Time

The Harvest of 2013 is coming to an end all over Ireland and across the world. The excitement of the harvest when it first started early in the year was great to see. When the crop is ripe it is a big call for the farmers as they bring out the combines and get to work.

Barley/Wheat is the most common crops you will see around Ireland. It is used to feed animals, make porridge, bread, beer etc

Potatoes are also another very common crop around the country. They need to be looked after very carefully as they can get fungi and blight. Potatoes are eaten every day across the country and around the world.

Other crops such as carrots, cabbages, turnips etc also need to be looked after as they are just as important because they are food we put on our plates every day.

As a harvest comes to an end, it’s time to put the harvesters back in the shed. And it’s time to pull out the ploughs ready to cultivate the fields all over again for a new year and a new harvest.

By Christopher Helen

harvest 3   Harvest Time

Harvest in Ireland : A wide variety of fruits are grown in Ireland such as apples, strawberries,  blackberries, blackcurrants, gooseberries, loganberries, raspberries and many more fruits. You can make flan, jam and jelly with most of these foods. You can also make fruit salads to go with other things.

Vegetables eaten in Ireland can be divided into three different types. Tuber/root vegetables include potatoes, carrots and turnips while examples of leafy vegetables are spinach, lettuce and endive. Brassicas include cabbage, kale, brussel sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower.  You can make potato salad with lettuce, eggs, onion, celery, mayonnaise, black pepper, garlic, sweet pickle relish,  mustard, and of course, potatoes.  This is only one version of potato salad.

Harvest in the UK :  Different types of crop that grow in the UK include barley, potatoes, sugar beet, corn, rye, oats, wheat, rapeseed and many more crops. Barley is grown mainly for livestock feed and for malting. The main potato-growing areas are the fenlands of Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, and Lincolnshire.

Apples, pears, cherries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackcurrants, gooseberries, plums, damsons, rhubarb, peach, grapes, blackberries, redcurrants and more are grown in the UK.

By Amber Guilfoyle

harvest 3   Harvest Time

The definition of harvest is the gathering of ripened crop. In this world today we have many crops that grow in many different climates and we harvest all of those crops. In Ireland we are very lucky to have all this fertile land yet there are parts of Ireland that do not have much harvested crop at harvesting time.

Lots of people in Ireland have their own vegetable or fruit gardens. By selling their produce  in our shops, this helps us to reduce our carbon footprint and because of this we do not have to import so much fruits and vegetables using planes or trains.

Autumn is associated with the transition from warm to cold weather. This is the season where most fruits, vegetables and grain are ripe. There are lots of harvest holidays and festivals in other parts of the world like the jewish Sukkot holiday and Thanksgiving.

The crops we produce in Ireland are mainly grain crops such as barley, oats and wheat which are grown mostly for foodstuff ingredients. Our soil is also suitable for growing many different vegetables and fruit, the most common being potatoes, onions, carrots and apples.

At spring time the farmers plant the seeds that will be harvested in late summer. If we have the right combination of rain and sun we will have a bumper harvest and the farmers will be happy.

By Aoife Conway

harvest 3   Harvest Time

The harvest season is a very busy and exciting time on the farm. There is lots to do and depending on the weather, the time frame for saving the harvest can be short or long.

When the corn is ripe it is time to get the combine out. On our farm, it’s my Uncle Henry who cuts the corn. Dad and another neighbour draw the barley to a cousin of ours, who dries and stores it for us for the winter. He then rolls the barley and Dad draws it home when he wants it to feed the cattle.

When the corn is cut, the straw is baled into square bales or round bales and brought home or delivered to other farmers who need it. Everyone is stocking up for the winter, sheds are being filled up with hay and straw.

Birds and animals are stocking up too eg squirrels, hedgehogs, dormice, badgers, foxes, herons and pigeons. They sense the winter is coming.

It’s autumn time when the harvest is done, so the days start getting shorter and the sun sets earlier.

All the hard work is done and dusted for another year. Crops and vegetables are saved and we all have enough to eat. Thank God.

By Amanda Helen

Art : Profile Pictures with Favourite Items Inside the Profile 

art pics 015

Melissa, Sol, Cameron, Thomas, Maya, Amber, Fionn, Eva, Aoife

art pics 022 Amanda

art pics 020 Gavin

art pics 004  Aoife

art pics 017 Ella

art pics 025 Sapphire

Anti Bullying Posters

art pics 042 Aoife

Safety on the Beach Posters

art pics 039 Maya, Eva, Sapphire, Aoife, Amber art pics 029 Eva 

art pics 033 Sapphire

art pics 038 Melissa

life is better at the beach

Our School Trip to the Beach

On the 6th of September our school went on a science trip to Inchydoney Beach. We were all crossing our fingers and toes for the rain to stop hammering down, we had packed our nets and cups and gathered up are pack lunches the weather was starting to clear up and sure enough it stopped just in time before the bus arrived.

The atmosphere in the bus was exciting everyone had a smile on their face for we all knew the day ahead was going to be interesting and enjoyable. When we arrived at the sandy beach Miss. Sweeney laid down the safety rules to everyone on the bus. As we walked down the steep steps down to the vast and empty beach below some of us were so eager to touch the soft sand we even started to take our shoes and socks off!

The beach was empty for it was only mid morning we headed down to the bottom of the beach the tide was out so there was tonnes of rock pools to explore, the rock pools were full of all kind of creatures big and small from crabs to sea spiders we grabbed the nets and cups and we were off, we found all sorts of sea creatures. From all corners people shouting

“I caught a massive crab”

“I found a long fish”

My friend Ella even caught a orange star fish! All the stuff we found went into this one big spacious rock pool we called it the crab exhibition.  After a while we all started to settle down to eat our lunch some people played football and volleyball but others enjoyed dipping their toes into the freezing cold shallow parts of the sea. After lunch we started to pack up our lunches and gather up our nets.

We all left the seaside with tied and happy faces.

By Sapphire Guilfoyle (6th Class)

life is better at the beach

Our Beach Trip 

On Friday the 6th all pupils got up and saw rain through their bedroom windows. None of us had high hopes for the day, but all students met at the school anyway.

It was decided that we would still be going to Inchydoney beach. So very quickly lunches were packed and jackets on and then we were on our way to the beach.

When we arrived after all the hoping and praying the weather cleared up. When we walked down the stairs we saw a very bare landscape only one person walking their dog.

The tide was out so we headed down to the rock pools. The nets were out and we were ready to explore the many different species and habitats we could find. In the rock pools we found lots of crabs, shrimp, fish, starfish and lots of other creatures. We also got to explore all the different layers, colours and textures of rocks.

Then we decided it was time for a break so we sat down and ate. We played football and volleyball while others enjoyed a paddle in the water. Then it was back to the rock pools with us. We made it our job to explore all the rock pools and ponds.

At the end of the day we were all exhausted and it was time to head back after our long day of discovery.

By Aoife Conway (6th class)

life is better at the beach

Our School Trip to the Beach!

On Friday the 6th of September Desertserges National School went to Inchadoney beach on a science and geography expedition. In the morning it was cloudy and wet, but just before the bus arrived, the sun came out and everybody was really happy.

When we arrived we got off the bus and walked down to the beach with all the buckets and nets. We used them to explore the rock pools.

We went searching in dozens of rock pools. We also found loads of colourful shells. We also found all sorts of things like crabs, limpets, mussels and even a starfish. We also saw lots of different types of seaweed. One of the students found a gigantic crab. After that, we put all our discoveries in one big rock pool to make sure everyone could look at the creatures we found.

After all that we took a well-deserved break. Some people played soccer, others played volleyball, and other people even had a nice refreshing paddle in the sea. I played soccer and my team somehow won to a very determined side. After that we got on the bus and came back to Desertserges National School and then we talked about our mini adventure. I was so tired that I nearly fell asleep on the ground.

By Fionn Mooney  (5th Class)

life is better at the beach

Our School Trip to the Beach!

On Friday the sixteenth of September, our school went on a science and geography project on the beach.  After our first break, we packed our bags all excited and left for the bus.  We had a fun ride on the bus and before long we were at Inchydoney Beach.  The tide was fully out so the beach was bigger than usual. As we walked down the beach we could see many rock pools and different kinds of rocks.

Eva and I searched rock pools as a team and found many sea creatures, we found crabs of different shapes and sizes, we found fish of different colours like orange and red and we found hidden shrimps in the seaweed.  As we walked further down the beach we discovered a big rock which had lots of little rock pools on it, where  we found more sea creatures.  We also discovered many anemones, periwinkles and mussels on the rock itself, the anemones feel soft and squishy when you touch them and we put a bit of crumbled shell on the anemone and it seemed to suck it up.
One pupil found a small orange starfish and she put it back into the water.  I spent a bit of time looking for shells and found lots of different colours, shapes and sizes

We also were looking for different creatures too, like lug worms and sea spiders. Some people even dug holes to try and find something. Just before break we all released the creatures in to one big rock pool together.

When it was break all the hungry students sat down for a snack, after food some people played soccer some played volleyball and some even went for a paddle. After the fun it was time to leave the beach, we grabbed our shoes and bags and we started down the beach, we all went back on the bus, and we were on our way back to school. We were all tired but happy when we got back.

We had a fun day at the beach!

By Maya Long de Bruin (4th Class)

water safety

Acrostic Poem : Water Safety

 Water is fun

And so is the sand,

There are lifeguards at the beach,

Everyone likes the beach and the ice cream

Remember be safe on the beach.

So always put on sun cream,

And stick to the rules

Fishermen go out to see and catch fish

Even in bad weather.

They must wear life jackets

You must be careful.

By Sam (2nd Class)

water safety

Acrostic Poem : Water Safety

Watch out for lifeguards

After the lifeguards go, don’t worry,

The lifeguards will come back tomorrow and

Every day he or she comes back

Rain or shine.

Salty toes and salty feet

Always wearing sun cream to protect against the heat,

Flags mark it safe to swim

Everyone let the fun begin,

The day was long with lots of fun

Yummy ice cream in the sun, with safety in the minds of everyone.

By Gavin (2nd class)

water safety

Acrostic Poem : Water Safety












By Ella (2nd class)

water safety

Acrostic Poem : Water Safety 

We catch crabs

And we bring them home yum, yum,

There are lifeguards

Everybody laughing

Rock pools are really cool.

Sun cream is very important

A life jacket is too,

For children on boats and

Even for adults too,

They save your life

You must always respect water .

By Joshua (2nd Class)


 My School 

I like playing football.      

 I like art.        

 I like playing with my friends.

 I like maths.

Joshua Coone (1st class) 

My school is a small school.  It’s so small there are only 24 pupils in the school. We do a lot of different subjects in the school. My favourite subject is P.E. I also enjoy doing Maths and Irish. I think that small schools like this are better to educate children because the children will get more attention if they are stuck on something.

Thomas Atkinson (4th class)

In our school we have a lot of subjects such as maths, English, Irish, Geography, Art, Science and Sports. My favourite subject in the school is Maths, my worst subject in the school is Irish. Maths is so fun because it gets your brain working at all times. The hard sums are not really hard if you work them out properly. When I grow up I want to be a farmer so I need to know my maths. Each day I learn something new in Maths class.

Christopher Helen (5th Class)

All the subjects we do at our school are never a drag. I like most subjects that we do, but I love Art, Singing, Drama, P.E. and hockey. Our school is never that serious. I love school and never like to miss days because I like the subjects and playing with my friends at break time.  I love to play football. I am a girl and in some places girls are not allowed to play football but that’s not the case in my school.   I love coming to school because it is a great place to socialise. I love sports day and our school trips too. It is fun when we go on school trips because it is a nice time to talk with my friends and yet we get a break from work.

Aoife Conway (5th class)

I love Desertserges because it is such a great school with a big personality. Desertserges N.S. is lucky for its size. There are so many subjects and we get to do so many things. We even get to make pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. All of the children are so kind and friendly. Academically Desertserges is brilliant because you get all the attention you need, if you need help. I also love doing Drama and Music. Last year’s play, “The Wind in the Willows” was so good, we were requested to do it a second time. We also do concerts for our school in the local church and we even performed in Hosford’s Garden Centre. Desertserges is truly a great school.

(Alex Bollard 6th Class)

 Life at Desertserges is great and I wake up every morning with a smile on my face. My favourite subjects are Maths and Irish because my teacher makes learning fun. Our principal teaches my class and promotes the idea of having fun while learning. In our school there is no such thing as bullying and we are all friends. Last year, we did “The Wind in the Willows” for our school play, and we had to do it a second time because of popular demand. Our drama teacher Sue is a lot of help to us and is very kind. To conclude, I will say that though small our school is great and there is nothing that any of us would want to change. Is maith liom Díseart Árguis mar tá an-spórt againn.  Is é Matamatic an t-ábhair is fearr liom.

Ellen Fox (6th Class)

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  1. Desertserges is a nice, happy school!! They have nice activities in school. They are good at music. Loved going to that school, really good!

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