September 2018

Art : Word Onomatopoeia Art

We looked at onomatopoeia words that we liked and wrote them in the middle of a sheet of paper and added sharp lines and patterns. Then we painted them with striking, vibrant colours. We gave a three dimension effect with a sharpie pen. They looked brilliant in the end.


Baking : Apple Crumble and Banana Muffins

The school has a well equipped kitchen and we have been doing baking this month, firstly we have made apple crumble, we picked the apples from our big apple tree at the back of the school and stewed these apples. Then we made the crumble and put a small handful of oats into the mixture to give it crunch and texture. The finished produce was yummy.

Near the end of the month we made banana muffins from over ripe bananas, the recipe is so simple but it produce the best muffins, that are so light and moreish.




banana muffins


SESE: Storms, Hurricanes, Typhoon and Volcanoes

(The only difference between a typhoon and a hurricane is the location where the storm occurs)


We spent some time learning about the hurricanes around the world, one weekend there were three hurricanes and storms, Ireland had Storm Ali,  Hurricane Florence hit North and South Caroline and a mega Typhoon Mangkhut hit the Philippines. We learnt that the Philippines has 7107 islands, that is a lot of islands!


This week we also read about a brewing volcano in Iceland, which is being watched as they feel it could erupt any time and then it will cause a lot of disruption, it is called Katla, at least this is an easier name from the explosive volcano of 2010 which disrupted European air traffic, it was called “Eyjafjallajokull”.

volcano Katla

They great thing about studying “real life Geography”, is that the pupils learn where countries are, what seas/oceans are near them, they learn about storm paths etc.

We read about the new names for Irish and British storms for the year 2018-2019and each pupil spent time making their own posters showing all the names on it in alphabetical form. Starting with Ali, Bronagh and Callum and ending with Tristan, Violet and Wyn.



Art : I’m dreaming of

We designed I’m dreaming posters in Art Class. We first discussed what we might dream about in class, what we want to achieve this year and what our interest/hobbies are. We posed in a day dreaming pose and added our very own photo to our drawings.



Beginning of Year Church Service

We joined all the other Church of Ireland primary schools in the Diocese for a beginning of year service. This year the sermon was led by Rev Canon Paul Willoughby who theme was “It’s a Small World after All”, and the high point of the sermon was the massive balloon he sent around the church to be bounced from group to group, pew to pew. The pupils went mad to touch it and pass it on.

church cross


Art : Burst of Colour 3D

We made large, thick snail shapes and cut them out. Then we made a lot of long thin triangles in many colours and stuck them on to the edges of the smail to give a 3D effect. You don’t have to cover all the surface of the snail curves, nor do you have to build a pattern, it is just a load of colour coming out at you. They took a lot of work and concentration but it is an activity suitable for all ages.

 (photos to follow)


Ardagh Chalice Competition 

We participated in an Art competition  from the National Museum of Ireland, to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the finding of the Ardagh Chalice. we had to colour and decorate our own Ardagh Chalices and our pictures are on display in the museum.



RE : Ruth and Gathering Grain

We read the story of Naomi and her daughter-in-law Ruth and how Boaz let Ruth gleam (the act of collecting leftover crops from the fields) grain from his fields.

We painted in our own sheaves of corn on a photocopy. Then we decorated the ears with rice and tied string around the bundle. They look stunning.



August Bank Holiday Weekend

We were delighted for our school to be a refreshments stop for “Walk While You Can”, a charity group led by Fr. Tony Coote, who recently was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. The group travelled from Letterkenny to Ballydehob from July 10th to August 6th.

Motor Neurone is under-funded and under researched; the group hoped this fund-raising walk would put the disease back in the spotlight.

Walking with Fr Tony Coote in aid of Motor Neurone Research and supports

Walking with Fr Tony Coote in aid of Motor Neurone Research and supports

Walking with Fr Tony Coote in aid of Motor Neurone Research and supports

Walking with Fr Tony Coote in aid of Motor Neurone Research and supports

June Blog 2018

Cork City Sports
Our school did fantastically at Cork City Sports in CIT on Friday 1st June. We brought eight pupils and they tried their very best, ran their hardest and got great experience on the day, they also behaved exemplary, well done to all eight pupils.

We had 2 firsts, a second and a third in the heats, these pupils all got plaques for their efforts. The two pupils who got first, Vicki and Calum, went on to the quarter finals and then got through to the county finals. They were up against tough competition and did very well.

We had four boys in the boys relay team and they won their race, they got each got a plaque and a big one for the school.

We are very proud of our pupils and their achievements. Well done.

Our Sports Day
Thank you to all our pupils who took part in Sports Day and to all the parents who turned up and supported our day and to those who joined in the Tug of War competition.

Our pupils represent different teams and each race they take part in (the individual ones first, then the group ones) give points to their overall team result.

athletics group

Our Nature Walk
We enjoyed a wood river walk with our guide Calvin Jones, he is editor of Ireland’s Wildlife and founder of Ireland’s Wildlife Tours. He is a mind of information and has an interesting way of putting his information across to all ages, he sees everything from “cuckoo spit, to badger scratchings to buzzards”.

We are very grateful to Pat and David for allowing us to access their woods, we are thankful also to Ella and Eva for extending the hand of friendship to our pupils. Ella, thank you very much, for showing us the tadpoles and frogs.

We walked and talked and had lunch, then walked and talked some more, you don’t realise the questions you have till you are out in nature and see things you don’t have answers for.


Projects on Waterford and Dublin
Well done Tadhg and Devyn for tall the hard work you put into your school projects, the research, the typing, the layout ….. Well done Lads. A big shout out for Mr. Ryan who helped you all the way with the project.

Our Clay Models
Our clay models took about a month to make, dry and paint. Here are the finished results.

Kick Boxing Lesson
We were very grateful to Tony from the West Cork Kick boxing Club for coming to our school. The pupils learnt a lot and really enjoyed themselves.

It is great to see someone who competes very successfully at international level come to the school and talk about why he got into kick boxing in the first place and then the hard work that it takes to reach the standard that he is at. The pupils had great fun practising some of the basic kick boxing moves with him.

It was very surprising that the tentative kick at the beginning of the lesson turned into a well-executed on target hard kick at the end of the lesson.


amie’s Birthday
Jamie celebrated his birthday with us near the end of the school year.
Happy Birthday Jamie


Father’s Day
We celebrated Father’s Day on Sunday 17th June by making Father’s Day cards.

Ice Cream Afternoon for the Down Syndrome Association
Every year we support Ice Cream Day for Down Syndrome. Who doesn’t love ice cream, with loads of toppings, sprinkles, sauces, chocolate, jellies ….. and it’s for a very good cause.


gallery ids=”7926,7925″ type=”rectangular”]

Orienteering and Parachute Day
We enjoyed finishing off the school year by having an orienteering course around the school grounds and followed by parachute games. It was a hectic morning but very enjoyable.

Well Done Harry on being in school every day of the year, no days absent …….. well done.

The Summer is Here
We would like to wish our sixth class students all the best as they venture in to secondary school, new buildings, new teachers, new classes and new friends. You will be grand!

We would also like to wish everyone an enjoyable and safe summer, mind yourselves on the roads, on the farms and in the water. Stay Safe!


May Blog 2018

Martha’s Birthday 

At the beginning of May, we celebrated Martha’s birthday at school, she brought in a beautifully designed cake.

Happy Birthday Martha.


P1040603 (2)


People Drawing 

four steps to drawing people.

Step 1 Draw matchstick people,

Step 2 : Putting muscle on the matchstick people

Step 3 : Putting the clothing on the people

Step 4 : Tidying up the people and the full background picture, facial features, hair etc.


Well Done Boys

We had two boys did their first Communion this month, well done Calum and Devyn.



Rugby Blitz 15th May

Our pupils were among 500 pupils who had a very successful day at the Rugby Blitz organised by Bandon Rugby Club. Our students got lots of playing time, they played well as a team, passing to each other and looking out for each other.  They all received wrist bands afterwards for their participation and a yummy hotdog. We would like to thank the Rugby Club for the years of work they have put into organising this annual event, for organising a rugby coach to come out to the school weekly and teach rugby skills

Thanks to Santi, the Youth Officer at Bandon Rugby Club for all his time, commitment and training skills.




School Tour to West Cork Secret 16th May

On Wednesday we went to West Cork Secret just outside Kilbrittain.  It was an action packed day. First we went down to the pond to find insects, water beetles, frogspawn etc.

After that we had some teambuilding exercises, making our way across boards and milking the artificial cows, to see which team could get the most liquid into a tube. Then we did a jigsaw game, where we had to run and get the pieces bring them back and make the jigsaw.  We had a game of giant skis where 4 students were on each team and had to move the skis across the fiend in unison. The most favourite part of the team building exercise was the go karting. Here you had to do a circuit and grab a cloth or a pole along the way and then the points were counted up at the end.

Then the mucky part, there were three obstacle course, each more difficult than the one before.  These involved going into water and going up and down slides, under and over poles etc. the last water event was the big water slide. It was massive but they had fantastic fun on it.

After all the mud and water, the pupils had a very welcome hot shower and pizza, lots and lots of pizza. The afternoon events were centred on map reading, quizzes and orienteering.

It was a long but very active day.





Choir Workshop in Skibbereen

We travelled down to Abbeystrewry Primary School just outside Skibbereen for our third Choir workshop under the tuition of Mr. Peter Stobart, the Director of the Diocesan Church Music Scheme.  On the way back we had our lunch at the play park in Skibbereen. It has been lovely visiting other school

 choir singing


Athletic Practise

We would like to thank Ann Crowley for all her help in training our pupils for Cork City Sport. We would also like to thank Ahiohill GAA Pitch for allowing us practise up there and also Bandon Grammar who gave us permission to use their sprint running track.

Ann has dedicated her time to train some of our boys and girls for Cork City Sports, she teaches then the best start and finish positions, how to change batons, simple warm up and cool down exercise and she is oozing with encouragement. Thank you Ann.


Prayer leaves

All the children took part in a religion lesson where they made a prayer leaf for the chapel in CUH. In the chapel there is a prayer tree that patients can visit and their artistic leaves will be added to the tree.




The children had the chance to recycle all the boxes and toilet rolls we’ve accumulated over the year in their art class. They constructed all sort of houses from the materials.


Second World War Art

We have been drawing pictures of actors, actresses, singers, comedians, cartoon characters etc. from World War 2 era.  We drew them using the box method, we were very impressed with the end result. Well done guys.


Clay Models 

We spent many weeks working on clay models, first we made wire stick men then we bulked them out with clay, forming the body and facial features. the next step was adding clothing and hair. these models took over 4-5 hours to make. Then they had to dry for 3 weeks, we have 3 models from “Fortnite”, a farmer ( a pupil’s Dad) and a rugby guy.

After the clay dried out it was time for painting (another hour or two) and we needed to do many layers of paint and varnishing was the last step.


Talk on Internet Safety 25th May

We were delighted to welcome back Irene from McAfee to give a talk to all the school regarding internet safety. She talked to all the school about protecting ourselves online, giving out information, using passwords, using free wifi in cafes, communicating with others, etc

Online Security Protection Internet Safety Guard Lock Concept



April Blog 2018

Animal Dots

We painted in patterns using paint and cotton buds. We dotted the patterns on templates of kangaroos, lizards, turtles, etc. This is a great stress freeing class.

(photos to follow)


Rabbit Collages

We used a rabbit template and patterned the whole face with lines and different shapes. Then we picked different types of glasses for the rabbit and designed and coloured them. After that we stuck the glasses on the rabbit and placed it on a background we had earlier designed.

(photos to follow)


Under Water Landscape Art Work

The children produced a beautiful underwater landscape in their recent art lesson. The finished piece is now on display in the school hall.


Visit to Brogan’s School

On Wednesday the 25th of April we had a trip to Brogan’s. Each year Brogan’s Secondary School invites pupils from national schools to visit and get a taste of what’s to come. On the day we got to participate in PE, Woodwork and science. We really enjoyed the visit.



West Cork Athletics

The West Cork Athletics Track and Field Championships took place in CIT on Sunday 29th April. Well done to Vicki, Alex, Fionn and Harry who participated and congratulations on all the medals they won. Well done and keep up the good work.

well done


Fionn’s National Gold Medal

A very big congratulations to Fionn Merritt in 6th class who  won a gold medal at the National Still Water Nippers Championships which took place at the National Aquatic Centre in Dublin on the 21/4/18. Fionn has been training with Cork Surf Lifesaving Club since 2016 and recently qualified at the Muster Championships before going on to win this Gold National Medal. Super work Fionn, well done and keep up the hard work.



Jigsaw pictures

The children had fun taking apart the 32 countries of Ireland. The children were timed and enjoyed breaking their records.


Project work

After months of hard work the children have completed their project work. All the students in the junior room had the opportunity to pick a county of their choice and research it in-depth. The children then each took turns to present their work in front of class.


The Senior Room did projects on World War 2, each picking a different area of the war: America and Japan, Germany, Great Britain, Children during the War, normal life during the War, Women during the War etc.

Blog March 2018

Texaco Art Competition : Gridded Drawings

For the Texaco Art contest, we drew some of our favourite celebrities. Some were athletes, some were musicians and some were actors.  We drew grids on photographs of these celebrities and then drew larger grids onto larger sheets of paper. We carefully drew what we saw in the photographs onto our A3 sheets. We worked with pencils to get the outline of our celebrity right but also to shade in the shadows onto their faces. Here are some of our pictures.


Engineering Week

We watched a video called “Big Dreams”, it was about all the different ways engineers help us in our world, from tall buildings, to suspended bridges, solar cars and underwater robots. It gave us a new insight into the world of engineers and how they are encouraging children and teenagers to be young engineers themselves and make changes in the world.

The pupils were divided into groups for two engineering experiments, but due to the snow we didn’t get all our plans completed and hope to get more engineering experiments done in the near future.

P1040496 (2)

Experiment 1

You get 10 sheets of A4 paper, sellotape, scissors etc.

Experiment : You must make the tallest free standing building from your 10 sheets and it must stand without any help for 15 seconds.


Experiment 2

You will have one egg per group and lots of recyclable material, sellotape, scissors, balloons, bubble wrap etc.

Experiment : You must drop the egg from a height of 6ft and it must not crack or break. Use all available resources to give the egg a safe landing. (what will work, what won’t, etc)


Cork County Primary Schools Athletics Programme 2018

We are delighted to be part of the first phase of the Cork County Primary Schools Athletics programme 2018.The programme will consist of 4 weekly, hour long sessions commencing in February which will be followed by an Athletics Blitz, 15th March in Neptune Stadium from 10am -2pm

  • Wed Feb 14th, Wed Feb 21st ,  Wed Feb 28th ,  Wed Mar 7th
  • Blitz 15th March (uniform needed)



The children painted beautiful paintings of colourful butterflies on the horizon. It was a good learning activity to ingrain the idea of what the word horizon means. Prior to the lesson we also watched the life cycle of a butterfly.



Mother’s Day

We baked ginger snap biscuits for Mother’s Day. We made the dough on Thursday and put it in the fridge. On Friday we took it out of the fridge for 1/2hr to get used to room temperature and then we sliced the biscuits thinly and placed them on a many baking trays. They cook in a preheated oven (160-180) until they were brown in colour. We took the tray out and left the biscuits to cool before transferring them to a wire cooling tray. This is important as they become crispy underneath.

Recipe :

  1. Wet ingredients 135g butter

135g Golden Syrup

(Melt gently together in a microwave or in a bowl over a saucepan of boiling water on simmer)

  1. Then add in 105g Demerara sugar
  2. After that add in 2-3 teaspoon of stem ginger juice (from the jar), mix well
  3. Mix these dry ingredients together : 300g plain flour

2 teasp mixed spices/ground ginger

1 and ½ teasp bicarbonate soda

4 teasp baking powder

  1. Dice 3-4 stem ginger pieces, then add to the dry ingredients and mix well (but with light fingers)
  2. Mix the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients and make into two long dough shapes.
  3. Wrap in cling film and leave in the fridge for at least an hour or overnight.
  4. When ready to make the ginger snaps, take the dough out of the fridge 30mins before use, to get room temperature.
  5. Preheat the oven at 180 degrees for 20-30 mins
  6. Line 3 baking tins with greaseproof paper
  7. Slice the dough thinly and place spaced apart on the trays.
  8. Cook for 7-10 mins until a ginger brown colour.
  9. Leave to cool in the tray for 5 mins and then move to wire trays to firm up the base of the biscuits.


Mother’s Day Cards

The children made Mother’s Day cards with the caption.  “This is to remind you when I am taller what I was like when I was smaller” Hopefully they will be kept for posterity.


March 15th Athletics Blitz 

We had a great day taking part in the Athletics Blitz in the Neptune Stadium.  we did the longjump, the speedbounce, the javelin, the shuttle run and the target throw, finishing with a relay.  We got back to the school just at closing time.




St Patrick’s Day Craft

The younger pupils made St. Patrick on a paper plate.

The older pupils made lovely bookmarks for family and friends.



Child Protection In-service Training : two half days in total (school closes at 12noon)

  • Friday 16th March ((leading into the St Patrick’s Weekend)
  • Friday 23rd March (leading in the Easter Holidays)

 child protection


Mon 19th March : Patrick’s Day  (as 17th falls on a Saturday, Monday is the Bank Holiday)

  • We are closed for the weekend and on Monday.

 st patricks day


Easter Activities

Some of the pupils made lovely colourful Easter hats.

We had an Easter egg hunt around the school grounds before we went home for our holidays. It always creates great excitement.


Monday 26th March to Friday 6th April  : Easter Holidays

  • School closed for two weeks for Easter holidays.

happy easter



we are open for enrollment, you can phone, email or call to the school to make an appointment, We will give you a tour of the school and talk you through any queries/questions you may have.


We are a country school with small friendly classes, so are in a position to give immediate help where and when needed.  In addition to the curriculum we do many extra activities: Zumba, Tag Rugby, Cork Athletics, Cork Sports, a Geography Trip to Inchydoney Beach every September, a Halloween Party, Pancake Day, Easter Egg Hunt, Tours and Nature Walks. We enjoy cookery classes in the kitchen and we have a passion for Arts and Crafts. Please check this blog for information on further events and activities.

school building photo

School Closure

Wednesday 28th February, Thursday 1st March and Friday 2nd March

Due to hazardous road conditions and for the safety of all concerned Desertserges National School will not be opening today, Wednesday 28th February. This will continue for Thursday 1st March and Friday 2nd March.

ALL schools and colleges in Leinster and Munster are to remain closed on Thursday and Friday, the Department of Education has confirmed.

A status RED – Severe weather warning has been issued for Thursday and Friday.

Officials have decided to close schools and colleges in the two provinces for safety reasons as freezing conditions continue to grip Ireland. Unnecessary journeys are to be avoided, as blizzard like conditions are expected.

picture ice and snow





February 2018

Saint Brigid’s Cloak

The children worked well in a collaborative effort to create a lovely Saint Brigid’s cloak in honour of Saint Brigid’s Day on February 1st. This art lesson was linked to maths (2d shapes) by incorporating those shapes into the cloak design.




Project Work

we are doing two different projects in the school this term,  one group are doing projects on chosen counties of Ireland (Dublin, Cork, Kildare etc).  The other group are doing a project on World War 2. we hope to have these projects finished by Easter. There is a lot of work involved, research, writing, typing, presenting, etc.


Internet Safety Day 6th February : Leaflet : 5 Things We Need to Talk About

Cyber Safe Ireland have produced a leaflet with the support of Tusla and the Children and Young Person’s Services Committee (CYPSC) that will provide some helpful conversation starters for schools/parents to have with children about online safety. Below are the important points on the leaflet please have a talk with your family about these points.


  • Don’t share personal information like your email address or date of birth.
  • Turn ON privacy settings to protect your stuff.
  • Don’t add people you don’t know.
  • Turn OFF location sharing.
  • If you wouldn’t share with a stranger on the street, don’t share it publicly online


  • Think about how much information you are sharing online.
  • A comment that you leave on someone’s page or what you post when out with friends, may not give the best impression of you.


  • If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t say it online.
  • Be the same person online as you would be in real life.
  • Beware fake profiles. Other people may not be who they say they are.


  • Find a healthy balance with screen time. The Internet is designed to be addictive.
  • Avoid gaming or any screen time for at least an hour before bedtime.
  • The number of ‘likes’ you get does not define you as a person.


  • You can always talk to me if you are worried or uncomfortable about anything online.
  • Tell me about what you like online, and what you don’t like.
  • Sometimes you won’t know the best thing to do. Don’t simply react – talk it over first with an adult you trust

cyber safe ireland 2018


Alex and Vicki’s Birthday

It was Alex and Vicki’s birthday on Friday, we sang happy birthday and they brought in a lovely chocolate, marshmallow chocolate birthday cake.



Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics started on Friday 9th February in Pyeonchang in Korea, we did lots of Olympic activities today.  Some classes did Olympic work in their maths classes. We read about the different events and looked at little videos of the sports. Then for Art class some of the pupils drew a poster of all the events. The whole school is putting a big frieze together of the Olympic events, we are covering the little characters in tinfoil. It looked very effective at the end.


We have 5 athletes in the Winter Olympics :

  • Brendan Bubba Newby : in the free ski half-pipe event
  • Séamus O’Connor: in the snowboarding half-pipe event.
  • Pat McMillan: in the Alpine Ski (Giant Slalom), Super-G & Downhill events.
  • Tess Arbez : in the Alpine Ski (Slalom) and Giant Slalom will be the focus of her attentions.
  • Thomas Westgard : In the Nordic event

irish winter olympic team


Pancake Day

We had Pancake Day today. We made 4 big batches of the pancake mixture following Mary Berry’s recipe. Some of us enjoy lemon and sugar on our pancakes and some of us love to put Nutella on our pancakes


Valentine’s Day

For Valentines‘s Day, it’s nice to give make little tokens and given them to our parents, brothers, sisters, guardians. It’s a way of saying “Thank you” for looking after me.


Mid Term

We are closed Thursday 16th and Friday 17th February for Half Term

february half term


Cork County Primary Schools Athletics Programme 2018

We are delighted to be part of the first phase of the Cork County Primary Schools Athletics programme 2018.The programme will consist of 4 weekly, hour long sessions commencing in February which will be followed by an Athletics Blitz, 15th March in Neptune Stadium from 10am -2pm

  • Wed Feb 21st , Wed Feb 28th ,  Wed Mar 7th,  Wed March 14th,
  • Blitz 15th March (uniform needed)