Blog : September 2019

Thank You Prayers and Poems

We wrote thank you poems/prayers to the Cork City Fire Brigade to let them know that we were thinking of them and all the other rescue services during the big car park fire in Douglas on September 1st. They wrote back to us and were very pleased and impressed to hear form us.

Art : Hedgehogs

September is a time for hedgehogs and we sketched, coloured, painted etc. our own hedgehogs for our Art class.


Japan Jigsaw Puzzle

Japan is hosting the Rugby World Cup 2019 and we learnt a lot about Japan and made it into a jigsaw puzzle project.


Project on Brazil

Our new SNA is from Brazil and we looked at her country: where it is situated, the people, the food, school life, the language etc. We looked at the Amazon River and all animal life around it.


Art : Lucky Koi Fish

These fish are a symbol of good fortune or luck in Japan. It is a valued pet. We used a mixture of salt, paint and glue to achieve this unique effect.

Cherry Blossom Fish

We sponge painted the background leaving a white circle for the sun. Then we used a straw to blow paint the tree branches. After that we used cotton buds to form rings of circles for the petals. To finish we used a toothpick to drag the centre white paint out between the pink petals. The effect was very stunning.

World Cup Project

We have completed a massive Rugby World Cup project, consisting of two extremely large posters, each showing two pools of teams and all the games they played. It was a great way to learn where the countries were, to draw their flags and to learn the vocabulary of the rugby game.

The 2019 Rugby World Cup will be the 9th Rugby World Cup and it will be held in Japan between the 20th September and the 2nd November. This is the first time the tournament is being held in Asia. Only four countries have won the World Cup, New Zealand three times, Australia and South Africa twice and England once.

Rugby Balls

We designed our own rugby balls for Art and put them on a poster.


Sewing Workshop

The Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross facilitated a sewing workshop run by those with banner making expertise. All the material, felt, needles, thread was supplied and two representatives from each school and church spent a pleasant afternoon sewing our banners, some taking them home to finish them. This is what our school banner looks like.

Annual Children’s Service

Our annual Children’s service was in St. Peters Church on 26th September. The church was full of pupils, school staff and clergy from all the parishes in the Cork Cloyne and Ross Diocese.

June Blog 2019

Devyn’s Birthday

We celebrated Devyn’s birthday on the 5th of June. He had a lovely cake, it was a fox face, beautifully decorated. Inside it had many layers. Yummy! Happy birthday Devyn!


Art : Parachutes

The pupils had to design a parachute and draw it on the page. Then they had to draw their own choosen background. We had some stunning work from the pupils, really unique and beautiful.


Father’s Day

We made Father’s Day cards, we decorated a patchwork dog face. They were stunning when they were finished.


Beach Trip

We had our annual SESE trip to the beach. We went to Inchydoney Beach just outside Clonakilty. We got a day with good weather: windy but dry and with some sunshine.

Either wellingtons on or shoes and socks off, either way all of them got into the rock pools looking for different sealife.

They found crabs, starfish, sea urchins, mussels and limpets and had a great time showing each other their findings. They also found different types of shells on the beach including razor shells.

We also looked at the different types of seaweed found on the beach.

Later the pupils and staff went for a long walk to work up their appetites before lunch. After lunch they had a game of football rounders.

When we returned to school we all had tea and biscuits, everybody was worn-out but happy.


A Sad Goodbye

On Wednesday we said goodbye to our rector Rev. Stella and her husband Bob, next week they start a new path in their lives, they are retiring and moving to live in Wexford. We presented them with two lovely presents made from Newbridge silver which we hope will remind them of us every time they use them.





Activity Day

We combined a day of sports and physical activities with mental and logical activities. We had four different stations around the school, each station had about 40 minutes and 5-6 events to complete. Some activities were in the hall or outside and involved endurance, balance, control and stamina. Some activities were in the classroom and involved general knowledge, quickness of finger, precision, imagination etc. There was something for everybody and something challenging for everybody. All the pupils got a plaque for participation at the end of the day. Well done everybody and well done to the staff who put the four stations together and over saw the activities.

game time


HB Funday Ice Cream Day

We had an ice cream afternoon where we raise money for Down Syndrome Ireland and enjoyed lots of HB ice cream with different toppings, flakes and wafers. (enjoyed by both pupils and staff).

Last year €275, 348 was raised by everybody hosting ice cream parties and events. There were nearly 700 parties hosted around Ireland and 13,340 blocks of ice cream consumed.

This money raised funds for conferences/seminars for parents, booklets and educational resources to be printed, workshops for parents especially to help from early childhood up to teens.

HB funday ice cream


Pizza Morning

We finished our school year by having a pizza morning, where each child made their own pizzas and ate them afterwards. it was a great way to end the year, great fun and everyone chatting and eating away.

pizza time


6th Class

We wish our 6th class pupils farewell as they leave us and move on to secondary schools in the nearby towns. We wish you the best in your new schools and enjoy all the new academic experiences that second level brings, best of luck form all the staff and pupils.

we wish you all the best

Schools Out

School closes for the summer on Friday 21st June and re-opens for the new year on Wednesday 28th August.

schools out for summer

May Blog 2019

Martha’s Birthday

Martha’s Birthday is at the beginning of May, just after the Bank Holiday. She brought a lovely mint cheesecake birthday cake in for all her friends. A lot of work had gone into making the delicious cake. Happy Birthday, Martha!



Art: Koi Fish

We spent some days drawing and then paining Koi fish in shimmering blue water. The end results were very effective.





School Tour

Our school tour this year brought us to Fota Wildlife park and the Titanic Experience in Cobh.

We really enjoyed Fota. It’s great going around in a group, as you all spot different animals and can point them out to others. We saw baby lions, a sloth, sea horses, emus, penguins, zebras, giraffes, peacocks, hippos, eagles, monkeys, cheetahs  etc. It is a great place and Fota have really developed the grounds to give the animals the most natural environment possible with loads of space, water and shade.

We wanted to see the Titanic exhibition as it ties in with our class reader we are doing at the moment called “Titanic Survivor” by Stephen Davis.










Art : Box Colour

We designed a sheet of paper with straight thick black lines, going in different directions. We then chose 2-3 different colours to colour in the boxes. They looked really well when finished.




Oral Health Workshop

In May we had a visit from Smiley Eileey with her Oral Health Workshop.

  • She talked about our different types of teeth
  • She talked about good oral hygiene
  • How to brush your teeth, floss and use mouth wash
  • How long we should brush our teeth for
  • What smoking odes to our teeth
  • What acid does to our teeth
  • What bad teeth looks like
  • What items have a lot of sugar




Cork City Sports

We were very proud of our team of boys at Cork City Sports, they all ran well in their heats with Calum coming first in his heat and got a gold plaque. Then they ran the relay, unfortunately, we had the inside lane, which gives a visual disadvantage before you start, It was very hard to stay with the strong leaders on the other teams but our brave group did not give up and came away with bronze plaques.

Thanks to all the parents who helped to drive their children to the Ahiohill GAA pitch for their weekly practises and then in to Cork for the City Sports. Thank you to Ahiohill Pitch, for letting us use their pitch for training. Most of all, thanks to Ann, for her dedication and her professional experience in coaching them.



April Blog

Today we joined many other schools in the Bandon area for a big Tag Rugby Blitz. There were over 500 pupils. Thank you to all who organized the event and especially to Bronson who coached our pupils all year.

At the end of the morning he got all the students to do the Haka. It was great to see so many children doing it together.

We finished the term with a school brunch prepared by all the staff and pupils.

Later in the afternoon we had an Easter egg hunt.

March Blog

Pancake Day

Pancake Day is one of our favourite days of the year.  We use a Mary Berry recipe and it produces delicious pancakes.

We had the original topping of lemon and sugar and then we used dark chocolate drops as another topping. We were not using chocolate spread as we don’t want to use food that contains palm oil. The dark chocolate drops went down a storm. Delicious pancakes with delicious toppings, lovely lunchtime treat. Yum!



Engineering Week

We had a competition this week to construct a boat only from man-made materials. The boat should float easily for a minute and it should be able to carry a small load.


World Book Day

The pupils were divided into groups and had to make a very large book cover of a popular book. They had to recreate the cover in a very large scale, write the title and the publisher’s name.

Harry’s Birthday

It was Harry’s Birthday yesterday. He brought a lovely cake into school which we all enjoyed. Yummy!

Happy Birthday Harry

Mother’s Day

This weekend is Mothering Sunday. We are making a butterfly wall hanging in school for all females in our lives (mothers, aunts, grannies, guardians, sisters etc) who help and look after us.

February Blog


Our road cycling classes included two classes out on the roads, learning to cycle properly, observing road signs, using our arms to indicate turning right or left. Thank you



Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day we made penguin love heart mobiles. They look so cute.


Butterfly Buns

Just before half term we made butterfly buns. First we made fairy cakes with butter, sugar, flour, eggs and milk. While they were baking we made the butter icing for the middle of the cakes (butter, icing sugar and a few drops of icing sugar).


When we took the buns out of the over and they cooled, we cut the top off and sliced it in tow to make two butterfly wings. Then we put butter icing in the centre of the bun and added the two wings. The last thing we did was sprinkle icing sugar over it.

Then we ate them! They were delicious!


Character Drawings

We are doing black and white caricature drawings, boys’ and girls’ faces and upper bodies. These caricatures have expression, emotions, jewellery, jackets, hats, etc. the pupils are trying to capture these caricatures in their own drawings.  They were very impressed with their work and many put their work for ward for the Texaco competition.

(see caricature drawings put forward for Texaco Art Competition)



Texaco Competition

Our pupils have entered the Texaco 2019 Art Competition, they sent in a variety of work. The theme of the art piece can be anything that interests you. Many pupils did caricature drawings and others did coloured work. They showed a great interest in the competition.

tadhgs turtle for texaco


Lady Gaga and her Inspirational Speech

We have been looking at the inspirational speech that Lady Gaga made on Oscar night when she won her Oscar for Best Original Song.  Her speech was from the heart and talked about the hard fight for success, not giving up, when you are knocked down to get back up again. This is the shortened version of her emotional speech.

This is hard work; I’ve worked hard for a long time. It’s not about winning; it’s about not giving up. If you have a dream fight for it, it’s not about how many times you get rejected or fall down, it’s about how many times you stand up and are brave and you keep on going.



SPHE : Glow and Grow

We each individually designed charts in school, they were divided down the middle and one side was called “Glow” down this side we itemised what we were good at, our achievements, what we shine at etc.

On the other side we titled the section “Grow” this side we talked about areas that we need to improve on, develop more, excel at, our goals etc.

The pupils put a lot of work into these posters and the writing and the presentation was fantastic, work to be really proud of.



Tag Rugby Visitor


Bronson brought his sister Stacey Waaka to our tag rugby classes today. She is an extremely talented member of the Black Ferns team, the female equivalent of the All Blacks.

The Black Ferns is New Zealand’s senior women’s rugby team.

They won the Women’s Rugby World Cup in 1998, 2002, 2006,2010 and 2017, Stacey was on that team in 2017 and showed us her medal. She also had medals from the Commonwealth Games and The Seven’s Rugby World Cup.

Stacey was named Junior Maori Sportswoman of the Year in 2016. She has also represented New Zealand in Netball, hockey and athletics. She has attended university and has a Bachelor of Sport and Leisure Studies. Stacey has a motto she follows : “Nothing worth having ever comes easy!”





It was great to have a Q&A time after the tag rugby class and the pupils asked questions about exercise, academics, nutrition, etc.

Thank you to both Bronson and Stacey for giving us a great morning.

Since the visit we have looked at Stacey on You Tube, we saw her in her university and training in her gym. we say her scoring tries and we saw her doing the Haka. She is a very inspirational woman.


Ms Readathon

we received our box of goodies today for the pupils who took part in the Readathon.

Well done Tadhg on you great achievement at raising a lot of money for the charity and we hope you enjoy your prizes.

Well done to everyone else for taking part and receiving your certificates, yo-yos, badges etc

January Blog

Tadhg’s Birthday

Tadhg celebrated his birthday just after we came back from holidays. He had a lovely “peach bee” cake. There was a lot of work went into it.

Happy Birthday Tadhg.


Art : Robins

We learnt how to draw a robin step by step, starting with a ball for the head and a teardrop shape for the body. Once the pupils perfected their skills, they drew their own robins in a setting of their choice.

(Photos to follow)


Art : Collage

The pupils cut thin strips of coloured, magazine  pictures. Then they stuck them on top of each other, slightly layering the layer before. After that the pupils decided which simple silhouette to place over these paper strips. The pictures were very difficult to cut, but the pupils persisted and end results were really spectacular.



Cycle Right

The pupils are completing a 5 week course, which involves 2 classes of theory and 8 classes on the bicycle, two of which are on the road.

They learn how to do bicycle checks before they head off cycling, how to adjust the saddle, how to dress appropriately, how to cycle safely on the right side of the road, how to stop, indicate and the lifesaver look over their shoulders to ensure they have done a final check before heading off. They learn how to read signs they may encounter on the road.

The subsidised programme is coordinated by Cork Sports Partnership on behalf of Cork City Council, Cork County Council and the HSE Health Promotion Department. This subsidised programme runs in conjunction with the National Cycle Right Programme coordinated by Cycling Ireland. It was launched in January 2017. The programme was developed by the Department of Tourism, Transport and Sport in association with Cycling Ireland, the RSA and other stakeholders.


December Blog

Art : Split Pictures

We used A3 paper with handwriting lines as our starting point. To make a split picture you have to miss every second line of the drawing. Once the pupils got the hang of this skill they choose a character to draw and found the class both challenging and enjoyable.


Carol Service

We had our annual Christmas Carol Service on Sunday the 9th December in St. Bartholomew’s Church, Kenneigh. We were lucky the weather held as it’s very nice to meet and chat to the congregation afterwards.



Christmas Activities/Art

We had loads of Christmas activities this year, each child had a Christmas book which had stories, information and games and quizzes.

They decorated Christmas Jumpers on a jumper template.


The children coloured in Christmas mandalas. Which look very effective.


They made a Kevin Carrot and Family Christmas card (based on the Kevin Carrot stuffed toy family in Aldi for Christmas), it took a lot of tiny cutting but it was a lovely 3D card in the end.


They made rocky road full of marshmallows, chocolate, biscuits, golden syrup etc. There were none left but chocolate on the faces, we ate them while watching “The Greatest Showman”, as a treat for putting on a lovely carol service.



They made a Christmas wreath with Miss Keane, they used strips of different coloured green paper, then adding a bow and a paper white candle. They were very striking and effective.


Marjorie came into the school and made two crafts with them. She made a beautiful lantern and a Christmas bag with chocolate.  The lantern was exquisite, so dainty and professional looking especially with the little flicker light in it. And the little bags made from Christmas craft paper were gorgeous. Thank you very much Marjorie for a great craft day.




Christmas Concert

Our play this year was “West Cork News”, we interlaced the news with snippets of funny news that made the headlines.

After the play we had some poems, some of which were written by the children. Then we had songs and Santa’s visit. He brought lovely books for all the children. We finished the concert with everyone joining in with a sing-a-long.

Our 5 songs which the pupils sang beautifully were:

  1. Songs
  • When you Believe
  • 10,000 Reasons
  • This is Me
  • One Day
  • Lean on Me/Don’t Stop


November Blog

Ireland in WW1, Armistice Day and the Animals who helped during the War 

During WW1 Ireland was still part of Great Britain, 210,000 Irish men joined the British army to fight. It’s believed 35,000 lost their lives with 3,500 dying in the Battle of Somme in July 1916.

Some Irish soldiers took part in the Christmas Truce of 1914 when there was a spontaneous cessation in the killing for a short period.

World War 1 ended at 11am on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, in 1918. Germany signed an armistice (an agreement for peace and no more fighting) with Britain and France. We remember this day every year on Remembrance Sunday on the nearest Sunday to the 11th November. This year, the 11th actually falls on a Sunday. Many of us will wear red poppies  as a sign of respect for the military personnel who have died in war. But in recent years, you may notice that purple poppies have also worn.

Purple poppies commemorate the animals that were injured and those that lost their lives in conflict. 16 million animals were used in the war; they were used for transport, communication and companionship, unfortunately 8 million animals died. Horses were front line soldiers alongside their riders.

People wanting to show their respects for the animals lost in service over the years, and for those who serve us today by wearing a purple poppy.



We will commemorate Armistice Day with a little project on the Animals used in World War 1. We shouldn’t forget their invaluable help to the soldiers. We learnt about the horses, mules, camels, dogs, cats, pigeons and even the glow worms. We read about the mascots the soldiers had with their regiments, from kangaroos with the Australian Armies to the black bear with the Canadian troops. The black bear was called Winnipeg, and caught the eye of A.A. Milne’s son Christopher Robin, the bear was the inspiration to his Winnie the Pooh books.



We also learnt about the 65,000 Irish horses who were involved in World War 1, they had spent quiet lives working on Irish farms and were gathered up and sent to war. Many did not survive the cramped conditions on the boat over to the continent nor were they trained for war to pull heavy ammunition or supplies across war torn, muddy, dangerous lands. It is important not to forget them and many people are wearing purple poppies in memory of their heroic efforts.



Our Olive Tree 

The Right Reverend Dr. Paul Colton, our bishop of the Diocese of Cork, Cloyne and Ross has presented each school (primary and secondary) with an olive tree. An olive tree is the symbol of peace.

We will think of all those who fought in WW1 and other wars, those that died , those that survived and those that were changed forever. we will also pray for wars that are still going on at the moment and for the people of Yemen who are starving due to the fighting in their country.. We have a special assembly prepared for us from the Bishop’s office written by Jacqui Wilkinson.


Armistice Assembly November 2018

On 9th November we had our Armistice Assembly in remembrance of the End of World War 1. First we sung “Make me a Channel of your Peace”

Then Tadhg and Devyn brought  our olive tree to the front of the assembly and our teacher explained why we have a present of it.

olive tree 1

As part of the Cork, Cloyne and Ross Centenaries Commemoration and Reconciliation Project we marked the forthcoming Centenary of Armistice Day, 1918 by having this assembly.  The olive tree, has been given as a gift to each school by our Bishop, The Right Reverend Doctor Paul Colton, Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross., The olive tree is a powerful symbol of peace and friendship going all the way back to Ancient Greek times. We read in the Bible about the dove who brought an olive branch back to the ark. Today we use the phrase “to extend the olive branch”, to indicate that we are offering peace or reconciliation”, putting out the hand of peace to resolve a fight or argument. we then had our Olive Tree Assembly, where staff and pupils took part, reading parts of it.

Two pupils brought in some special items for our assembly. Devyn brought in a WW1 shell and some iron pellets. Harry brought in a picture of his great Grandfather who fought in WW1



We commemorated Armistice Day with a little project on the Animals used in World War 1. We shouldn’t forget their invaluable help to the soldiers. Isabel, Harry and Martha wrote their own words on our project and read them out for everybody. here are some of our staff and pupils at our assembly.



We also looked at War Horse, This is based on a true story, the book is set in WW1 and it’s about Joey, a farm horse who has a great attachment to the young lad on the farm. The horse is sold to the army and is sent to fight in World War 1. In the book, you witness the horror of the war through the horse’s eyes, and the soldiers see the courage and strength of this beautiful brave horse.During the week we have watched a little of the theatre production of War Horse and learnt how the mechanical horse moves and breathes like a real horse.

michael morpourgo war horse


Mrs Smith recalls the story behind “War Horse”. It was a horse called Warrior from the Isle of Wight. General Jack Seely rode him in  WW1, through battles, destruction, despair, lucky escapes etc. and both survived to the end of the war and returned to the Isle of Wight. Where Jack continued to ride Warrior, include race him , until he died in 1941 at the great old age for a horse of 33.

Warrior Paperback

Mrs Smith showed us a “Princess Mary Gift Box”,  they were a brass or silver tin, containing a number of gifts for the soldiers spending their first year abroad, fighting  in the trenches at Christmas.

princess mary gift box

We finished our assembly by singing “One Day” by Matisyahu, this is a reggae song written as an anthem of hope and peace.  It has given comfort and been sung at vigils of human loss.


The Animals who fought and died in World War 1, We will not Forget them, They had no Choice

We looked at the “Animals in War Memorial” in Hyde Park London which has three 3 inscriptions

  • “This monument is dedicated to all the animals that served and died alongside British and allied forces in wars and campaigns throughout time.”
  • “They had no choice.”
  • Their contribution must never be forgotten.”

RTE 1 had a radio broadcast (August 2014), which can be heard on podcast “They had no Choice – The Irish Horse at War”

The PDSA Dickin Medal, is recognised as the highest award an animal can achieve while serving in military conflict. Many animals received this award for their brave efforts in WW1. “Warrior” was the first animal from World War 1, who received  the medal.

pdsa medal


Other World War 1 activities and information we learnt during the week

We watched the Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert from 2014, which brought us back to the Christmas Truce of 2014, when the soldiers of both sides on the Western Front held a day of peace and exchanged Christmas greetings, stories and played football. We also listened to Garth Brookes “Bealleu Wood” a very haunting song set on the story of the Christmas Truce.

christmas truce part b 1914


Kick Boxing :

We had four weeks of Kick Boxing classes with Tony Stephenson from the West Cork Kick Boxing Club.  He taught them many skills in Kick Boxing including some basic self-defence. The pupils really enjoyed themselves especially when Tony showed them his European Kick Boxing medal.


Art : Penguin Silhouettes

We paint washed backgrounds in pinks and oranges on A3 paper. We drew penguins on black paper and cut them out and placed the silhouettes on the washed backgrounds. The effect was very stunning.

October 2018

Happy Birthday

It was Gabrielle’s Birthday at the beginning of October, she had a lovely cake.

Happy Birthday Gabrielle.


Art : Autumn Leaves

We went outside to examine the beautiful Autumn leaves that we have in our school grounds. We collected leaves such as Sycamore and Fern and halved the leaves, examining the veins. Taking great care we drew the other half of the leaves.

Not an easy task! So well done to all!


Breakfast Week

We had our breakfast week in October, it’s a great week to get together and have food and chat before the school day commences.

 school breakfast



We are delighted to be doing Tag Rugby again this year under the guidance of Branson Waaka, our Youth trainer from the Bandon Rugby Club. Tag Rugby will continue for 6 months with an inter schools fun Rugby Blitz at the end of the season.



Choir Singing

Once again we joined other schools for a morning of choral singing in Bandonbridge. We are very lucky to have the expertise of Dr. Peter Stobart directing and playing for us. Our latest new song is “Why We Sing”, by Greg Gilpin.

 choir singing



After our morning singing, we returned to school to make yummy flapjacks with oats, golden syrup, brown sugar and butter. Delicious. A great way to end the day.

 flap jacks


Readathon for MS

We are doing the Readathon this year to encourage reading for fun and hopefully encourage more pupils to love reading. Already we have seen more pupils interested in reading and telling us what they are reading and how many pages they read last night. We are delighted with their interest.

The first Readathon began in 1988 when the well-loved children’s author Roald Dahl launched the first ever campaign.

Now the MS Readathon is celebrating its 30th birthday with hundreds of thousands of children taking part each year.

MS Ireland would like to say a huge thank you to all the young readers for their efforts over the years to help people with Multiple Sclerosis by taking part and raising vital funds for our services.



Soil Project

We spent some time this month doing experiments on soil. Three families brought in soil samples. We did 5 experiments and then put all our findings on a big poster in the hall.

Exp.1 : How much water is in soil

Exp.2 : How well the soil drains

Exp.3 : The Ph of the soil

Exp.4 : Drying some soil to see what it is made up of

Exp.5 : the different layers of soil

 soil 1



RE : Church Exteriors

Our recent RE chapter was about looking at church exteriors, we went on the internet and looked at modern and old churches, traditional and unusual ones, Irish and international ones. it was a fascinating few days, to see buildings so aesthetically pleasing. We then looked at St. Fin Barres Cathedral, both inside and out and saw the similarities and differences from York Minister: stained glass windows, rose windows etc.

Both had the wow factor, in different ways!

Finally we designed our own unique church door, we looked at other doors on the internet and designed our own, either from ones seen or completely form our heads. Here are some of their Art work.


(more photos to follow)


SESE : Roman Times

For two weeks we looked at the life of the Ancient Romans, we learnt about their fantastic road building skills and how they heated their houses. The pupils learnt about Romulus and Remus, roman numerals, the social life of the roman baths and the competitiveness of athletes at the Circus Maximus. We also watched videos on the Colosseum and Pompeii.  The one on Pompeii was fascinating, it was seeing the eruption over 24 hours and the total devastation it caused.


On Youtube, there is a fantastic 8 minute animation on 24 hours in Pompeii, it has no speaking just sound effects and very educational and dramatic.

The one thing we all agreed on, we would not like to be out of favour and be fighting in the Colosseum, it was cruel and often fatal. We were fascinated by the sailors’ sails which were erected and used to give shade over the Colosseum, a bit like a retractable roof today.


colosseum 2

We learnt about the different rooms in a roman villa, ie the triclinium (dining room) the tablinium (living room), the culina (kitchen) and cubiculum (bedroom). The pupils then designed their own roman bath house ajoinimg the main house, with hot, warm and cool rooms and a boiler room to heat the water.

roman rooms



We have started doing our own mosaics as we learnt about mosaics in Roman times. It is a time consuming activity but very therapeutic and the pupils viewed a lot of mosaic ideas and went off to plan their own mosaic with great results, this project will continue after Halloween as it will take many classes to finish.

 (photos to follow)


Halloween Mandalas

Each child designed their own individual Halloween Mandalas. We think these are fantastic, the level of drawing and the colouring are of a very high standard.



Halloween : Last Day of Term

We had a dress up day in aid of “Trick or Treat, Temple Street”, raising money for vital equipment for the children’s hospital. Then we had a few fun Halloween activities and games, followed by an afternoon of making our own pizzas. It was a great end to the Autumn Term and a well-deserved rest for all.

temple street logo 2

(more photos to follow)