Garden Walks

We walked up to Glenview Gardens. They are near the school. They have 3 acres of gardens and woodland walks. There are lots of things for all ages. Firstly we did the wood walk and found all the fairy houses, then we found the “Teddy Bear’s Picnic”, after that we visited the Hobbit House and the birds and goats. We enjoyed looking at the vegetables and fruit growing in the walled garden. We played a compass game in the circular garden.

We had our lunch in the Sunken White Garden, and then we went off and found the hidden wooden panda bear. Our last stop was the koi fish in the ponds.

Sports Day

We held our Sports Day up on Ahiohill Sports Ground. We are very thankful to them every year for allowing us to use their facilities which they keep in excellent condition. To ensure that no one loses out, the pupils are divided into three different teams and they compete for points for their team on the day. Then one team will get the gold, the next ream the silver and the third team the bronze. This means the pupils have to be collaborative, co-operative and competitive and everyone goes away with a plaque. The event that the pupils most look forward to, is the parents tug-of-war, when friendliness goes out the window and competitiveness really gets serious!


Art : 3D Crab Claws

crab picture

To make these crabs you need four small circles of the same colour, folded in half. Then you need one large circle of the same colour folded in half.

You stick the large folded circle down on your backing page, colour in a mouth and two eyes and six legs at the bottom. Then you draw in two claw legs. Where these claw legs finish you put a pair of two small circles folded to look like crab pinchers and you do the same to the other crab leg.

You can make many crabs for your picture this way.

(photos to follow)

School Tour 8th June 2017


We had an early start for our tour this year. We went to Trabolgan Village Activity Centre.  It is a holiday centre with holiday homes and caravans, eating areas and lots of activities for all ages and energies. It’s definitely a great place for families. First we had 90 minutes in the swimming pool, which is a wave pool and has a very big slide. The pupils all really enjoyed themselves. The centre had a number of lifeguards on duty keeping an eye on every one.

Our second activity was Crazy Golf, it was 9 holes and some of the greens were difficult. We played in groups of 4-5 and worked up an appetite for our lunch.  We posed for funny photos.




After lunch we walked a long distance over to the Adventure and Sport Section, here we did wall climbing and zip wiring. The wall was massive but very secure, each pupil had the proper climbing gear put on them and safety helmets as well. Each pupil when their turn came, was tied in with ropes so they didn’t fall, these ropes helped them when they were coming back down. They could climb up the wall as high as they were comfortable with. Noreen put it up to Mr Murphy on the wall as they challenged each other to race up it!



Most of the pupils tried the zip wiring. Again it was high up and after the initial start along the wire which is the most terrifying part, the pupils all came back to us with big smiles on their faces.  We were delighted that two staff members tried it as well.

Soon after a visit to the shop we went home, we were very tired but with lots of happy memories.


Cork City Sports June 1st 2017

Six pupils, 2 members of staff and 1 parent went to Cork City Sports on 1st June. It was a day of persistent, pouring rain and cold temperatures with it. Cork’s local radios was giving warnings about weather, traffic and parking all morning. There were 10,000 people/children expected on the day.P1030746 (2)

The boys (Harry, Joshua and Calum) were racing in the morning and our group was on at 12:10pm. They ran excellent races against tough competition and we won a second place with Calum. But all the boys deserve praise for running their hearts out on such a cold and miserable day.


The girls ran in the afternoon and the rain did not give up falling. Again we had strong, brave runners giving it their best and we got a first with Vicki. She then had to run in the county quarter finals a little later in the afternoon and came a very close second achieving a place in the county finals.




Then there was a two hour wait for the finals and she ran her best, unfortunately she was beaten by some stronger runners on the day. There is always another day ……….. for our brave girls and boys.

We would also like to thank Ann for giving us three training sessions, without her guidance we wouldn’t have got the trophies that we did. We would also like to thank Ahiohill Football Pitch for allowing us to train on their pitch.

Well done all