Summer News

We welcome Ms Jane Willis as a new member of our Teaching staff

Congratulations to Vicki Good and her U12 relay team in getting a bronze medal at the All Ireland Relays in Athlone in July.

Congratulations to the following prize winners of the “Ford 100” Schools Art Competition : Infants : Freya McSweeney (3rd prize),  1st and 2nd Classes : Isabel Grunwell  (Highly recommended). 3rd and 4th Classes : Martha O’Flynn (1st prize)

Ford 100 Fest : Best of luck to the Buttimer Family, past students of our school,  as they host this celebration of 100 years of Ford in Ireland, on Sunday August 27th.  Where you will see live demonstrations of ploughing, threshing, silage and corn cutting, farming from the olden days etc

Rabbit Art and Mosaics


We finished off our stained glass windows. We all had the same template but we had to pick a colour and use shades of that colour to paint in the different parts of the template.


These mosaic rabbits took forever to finish but were well worth it. It involved gathering pages of magazines in our chosen colours, tearing these into tiny pieces and putting them on the collage.

The Parachute

We all had to work together to get the parachute up in the air.  Then we tried throwing balls up in the air from the bounce of the parachute. We also played a game where we switched places with one another under the parachute while it ascended back down.

Then we all got in under the parachute and sat down, while it was still up in the air and when it came back down we were like the top of a mushroom. We had great fun with the parachute.


Garden Walks

We walked up to Glenview Gardens. They are near the school. They have 3 acres of gardens and woodland walks. There are lots of things for all ages. Firstly we did the wood walk and found all the fairy houses, then we found the “Teddy Bear’s Picnic”, after that we visited the Hobbit House and the birds and goats. We enjoyed looking at the vegetables and fruit growing in the walled garden. We played a compass game in the circular garden.

We had our lunch in the Sunken White Garden, and then we went off and found the hidden wooden panda bear. Our last stop was the koi fish in the ponds.