Daily School Life

Our Staff 2019-2020

  • Principal : Mrs. Sweeney
  • SEN Teacher : Ms Sullivan
  • SNA : Ersimeia Damaceno Posa
  • Secretary :  Mrs Susan Smith
  • Chairperson : Mr. Leonard Good
  • Rector : vacant at present

Our Office 

  • The secretary is in the school from Mon to Friday (except Thurs) 9:15am -12:30pm
  • Please pay all bills to the secretary
  • Uniform can be bought from the secretary
  • If you change address, phone numbers etc please inform the secretary
  • If the school is issuing newsletters/bills etc They will be in your child/children’s bags and you will receive a text on the day to same the same.
  • If you wish to contact the school after this time it is important to ring on the school phone rather than leave a text message.


Opening and Closing Hours

  • Our school hours are 9:30 am – 3:10 pm.  The two Infant Classes  go home at 2:10pm.
  • At times,when  the school has a special event (ie the school tour) then all pupils will remain till 3:10pm
  • Junior Infants at the beginning of the year will go home after lunch for the first couple of weeks


Our School Phone

  • Please let the phone ring a little while, as we might just be in the next room when it rings
  • Please use the mobile number when we are on trips/tours/sports day/ walks etc


Absent Days

  • If a child is sick or absent please contact the school either in person, by phone, by note or by text and explain the reason why. this is very important as all schools are answerable to the NEWB. (National Education Welfare Board)


Text books and Copies

  • The school orders in all the textbooks and copy books over the summer and the families are billed mid September. we ask that all bills be paid on time as we need to reimburse the bookshop. Many of the books purchased for the school year are under the school loan system.


Extras Needed

  • Pupils in the Junior Room especially the Infant Classes will need a spare change of clothes in case of emergencies.
  • Pupils in all classes will need the usual stationary: pencils, sharpeners, rubbers, rulers etc
  • They will all need colouring pencils, especially the Infant Classes. Please check halfway through the term with your teacher if these need to be stocked up on. It is also important for the Infant Classes to have a spare set of colouring pencils at home  for homework.
  • Pupils in  the Senior Classes will need an Irish-English dictionary, an English dictionary and a geometry set.


School Bills

  • School bills go out once a term. We would like all bills to be paid on  time.



  • The pupils are encouraged to have their lunch separate to their school bag.
  • They must put their lunch on the lunch shelf when they come in.
  • Pupils must have a drink with them, bottles may be refilled inn the kitchen
  • We encourage healthy lunches and pupils are allowed a small treat as long as the health lunch is eaten first.
  • Pupils may bring in food to be heated up at lunch time. this must be left into the kitchen first thin gin the morning or at first break.
  • They are not allowed fizzy drinks, chewing gum, etc


  • For healthy and safety reasons pupils must wait at the door of the kitchen before entering unless they have prior permission.



  • Infants, especially the Junior Infants will gradually have homework given to them. In Junior Infants the homework could be colouring, pre-letter skills, pre-number skills. This then advances to early words, numbers 1-5 and their first reading books.  In senior Infants they will carry on with words from their readers, numbers 5-10, reading their class books and practising their words on little flash cards.
  • Pupils from 1st Class to 6th Class have homework, this may include spellings, tables,  reading and writing.
  • It is encouraged that pupils do their homework to the best of their ability. it is important to present their homework on time.
  • Parents are encouraged to help with homework. They can help the younger classes with their pre-reading and activities. They can help pupils with their spellings and tables.



  • The pupils can wear casual clothes to school, but it must be appropriate.
  • The school has a uniform which we wear for special occasions ie tours, sports day etc
  • The school uniform can be bought new or second hand off the secretary in the office


School Bags 

  • Please check your children’s school bags regularly for school letters.
  • Also check that no lunch, fruit or drinks are in the bottom of the school  bag

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