May – June 2020

From Easter to the end of the school year in June, we has daily classes with our pupils via Zoom, Whatsapp, Face time etc. We were able to see all the pupils, chat to them, hear then read and do normal class work with each other.  You don’t need  a white board to do the Maths, just lots of A5 pieces of paper, sharpie pens and calculators. we made it fun but educational.

We had a weekly routine, doing Maths and English and all the other subjects. Every fortnight we sent detailed plans and worksheets home to the parents so they and the pupils knew exactly what was coming up in the classes.

Lots of preparation was completed behind the scenes on school notes, preparation work, preparing Art, researching topics, creating online games, communicating with parents via email, correcting homework sent in on photographs so you can talk through the corrections … Whats app was great for sending homework from the parents to the teachers so they could see it and correct it, or talk through the corrections in the next class.

We set work on platforms like Kahoots and Study ladder. The educational quizzes gave the pupils competition against each other.

We got some fantastic Art produced by the pupils during this period of time, cartoon drawings, designing houses etc.

We set homework and we got homework back, the pupils were very diligent. We did a lot of communication via emails, informing parents daily after the Zoom classes regarding the next meeting and homework set that day.

As the days and weeks progressed, many educational websites started to produce mini projects for schools which we weren’t aware of before, and we incorporated them into our SPHE.

We had a quiz Zoom for all the pupils at the end of May and an End of Year assembly Zoom in June for all the staff and pupils.

This period of lockdown worked well for us and our school,  we kept contact with our pupils,  we had daily interaction, we had routine and we were able to check the well being of our pupils, for some it was there own form of contact outside of the immediate family.

Most of all we are proud of the pupils, the commitment and diligence they showed during this time is commendable. Well Done!

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