July – August 2020

We start back at school on Wednesday 26th August, we will be using a one way system. one entrance in and one exit out. Social distancing will be adhered to. While seated at desks we will be using safety division screens on the tables to ensure that people keep germs to themselves.

There are many points around the school to sanitize. please do not enter the office without sanitizing. Please do not use the photocopier without sanitizing.

All staff will be advised  to wear a visor or a mask while in the school building unless they have communicated to the principal a reason for not wearing them. they will be required to sanitise their hands regularly especially upon entering the building. Gloves are not recommended unless needed or for treating someone.

Pupils are not (at the moment) required to wear masks in the school, but may do so if they wish and feel more secure/happier doing so (as long as they are worn properly). Any pupil who wishes to wear a mask must have regular breaks through out the day free from wearing the mask.  pupils are required to sanitise their hands upon entry to the school.

Pupils will only bring the essentials to school. no extra toys in the bag etc. we would encourage that a completely separate pencil case is kept at home for homework and the school pencil case is left in school.

School lunches should be as child friendly as possible and easy to use/open etc. Staff will wash their own cups and plates, and maintain the “m distance from each other during lunch breaks and free time.

Only essential visitors/workers are permitted to enter the school building but they need to contact the school the day before to book an appointment. They should ring the bell and wait for the secretary to open the entrance door.  They should mask up and sanitize their hands upon entry.  All visitors/workers will be asked to give name and telephone number to the secretary of the school for tracing purposes. all visitors/staff/pupils are asked to please remain at the door of the office and sanitize and wait for the secretary to attend to you.

We are ensuring that all procedures are being put in place to prioritize that the health and hygiene of the school is maintained to the highest of standards,


Please do NOT come to the school if 

  • If you have a cough a fever, a high temperature, sore throat, runny nose, breathlessness, flu like symptoms, a change in taste/smell in the last 14 days
  • If you have been diagnosed with a confirmed/suspect case of Covid 19 within the last 14 days
  • If you are a close contact of a person who is a confirmed/suspected case of Covid 19 within the last 14 days


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