April Blog 2020

Here are some more ideas for playtime activities, loads of Easter activities and some other fun activities for both inside and out. If you are new to us, please check out the March Blog for 70 more activities.  Also some of these activities may need adult help.

Websites to check out for daily online activities

  • RTE : RTE Home School Hub
  • YouTube : PE with Joe
  • YouTube : Oti Mabuse and Marius Lepure dance class (Shrek, Jungle Book, Aladdin, Mary Poppins etc)
  • Gonoodle
  • Reading : David Walliams reads daily at 11am, the reading stays up online for 24 hours  https://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/


Make Chocolate Cornflakes Nests

(melt chocolate, add in cornflakes, then put spoonfuls into paper bun cases. make a nest shape and add your eggs. Leave to cool and set)


Make an Easter Tree

(glass bowl, stones, branch, decorate with coloured paper and ribbon. decorate with hand-blown, hand decorated eggs or shop bought eggs)

eggs on tree


More Easter Egg Craft


Easter Card Ideas


Egg Carton Craft


Easter Garlands and Window Craft

easter rabbits and carrots hanging


Easter Mobile


Chicken Mobile


More Easter Craft

(1) Easter String Rabbit and Carrot, (2) Easter Wool Sheep and (3) Clothes Peg Chick



Easter Bird’s House Card

easter bird house


Easter Rabbit Bingo

rabbit dice shake and roll

Easter Easter Boxes


Easter Craft for younger Children


Easter Thumb Print Art


Draw and Cut out your own Rabbit and Chicks

Rabbits Craft


Easter Rabbits with Chocolate


Paper Plate Art


PomPom Art


Easter Toilet Roll Art

toilet roll tree


Easter Printing


Design an Easter Egg


Easter Weaving


Easter Mosaic


Easter Craft : Elmer the Elephant


Design and Colour in an Easter Mandala


Write Happy Easter in Artist Writing and Colour in


Sock Toys


Play Limbo

doing the limbo


Make a Card house


Make some Stone Art


Do some Finger Knitting

finger knitting


Do a Self Drawing / or take a selfie on your phone and draw that

drawing selfie

Mirror Draw with a friend, one draws half the picture and the other finishes the picture

reflection drawing


Set up an Obstacle course do it with a football or a bicycle


Make a real Bird House


Make a bird feeder


Games out of Recyclable Items (boxes, bottles etc)

blow ball


Make an Airplane Game


Shadow Drawing


Match Game of stone shapes

match the stones





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