March 2020 School Closure Activities

Things to do when we are stuck at home protecting ourselves and others from this Covid-19

We have many of these games, items in our houses, we have many toys, gifts unopened, jigsaw not made, games up in the attic… now is the time to get them out. here are 68 ideas for all the family can do. 


  1. “Letter Hunt”or “I Spy” : choose a letter from the alphabet and find something in the room beginning with that letter.

i spy

  1. “Spot the Difference” : Someone goes out of the room and 1 item is moved or changed in the room and the person comes in and tries to spot what has change/been moved.

spot the difference

  1. Play “Yes/No” : One person is the questioner. They ask each person a question and the answer must be yes/no each time, anyone who answers differently is out. Play the game till all are out

yes no game

  1. Sausages : One person is the questioner. They ask each person a question and the answer must be sausages, everyone else sits waiting their turn, if they laugh at the answer sausages then they are out. Play the game till everyone are out.


  1. No Thumbs Challenge” : Without using your thumbs try doing some every day tasks

no thumbs challenge

  1. Play olden Games : “Pick up Sticks” or ”Marbles” or “jacks” or “Tiddlywinks”


7. Play “Dominoes” or “Jenga” you can play the game or stack them up in line and knock the first one down to hit off all the rest one by one.

  1. Play “Boules”


  1. Play “Hangman” or “Pictionary”
  1. Play “Charades”


  1. Play “Scrabble” or “Boggle” or “Connect 4”


  1. Play “20 Questions”

20 questions

  1. Play “Twister”



  1. Play “Game of Life” or Cluedo”


  1. Play “Monopoly” or “Scrabble”
  1. Play “Ludo” or “Snakes and Ladders”
  1. Design and make up your own game of “Quoits”
  1. “Hopscotch” (draw your own hopscotch with activities on each number)


  1. Play “Beetle Drive”

beetle drive

  1. Learn a new card trick


  1. Play “Go Fish” / “Old Maid”

go fish card game

  1. Play “Patience” or “Whist”


  1. Do some origami


  1. Have a family wellie tossing competition
  1. Balloon volleyball (in a safe place)

balloon volleyball

  1. Draw a family tree

family tree

  1. Play conkers

conkers game

  1. Make different paper airplanes and have a competition to see whose can fly the furthest
  1. Make a scavenger hunt

scavenger hunt

  1. Coin flipping game called “Penny Pitching”, make your own penny pitching tray from a cereal box

penny tossing

  1. Learn yo-yo tricks

yoyo tricks

  1. Make a “Cat’s Cradle” out of string, you can also do a ladder, a star, the Eiffel Tower etc
  1. Do individual skipping, find out lots of jump rope activities for individuals and in pairs
  1. Do “French Skipping” or “Chinese Skipping”
  1. Construction toys like “Lego” or “Mecano”
  1. Make a jigsaw


  1. Make a puppet sock.
  1. Make wool pompoms
  1. Learn how to do the shuffle on Youtube.  (Find an appropriate video).

shuffle dance

  1. Design (on paper) a set of sports/leisure clothes: tracksuit, shirt, shorts, socks etc.

sports wear

  1. Make a miniature garden on a biscuit/sweet tin lid
  1. Copy a famous painting/drawing
  1. Make a bird’s nest from mud and twigs, dry it out for a couple of weeks and then put it up in a tree

birds nest

  1. Do a Zumba routine from Youtube (appropriate for your age group)


  1. Mirror Moves : two people standing opposite each other, they take turns mirroring moves the other makes

46.  Do a sudoko puzzle in a newspaper or magazine

suduko puzzle

47.  What craft can you make with a cereal box, a house, a marble run, a mask etc.

48. Do some quilling

49. Check presents you got from Christmas that you didn’t open, read, play with etc. and play with them now


50. Do some art pictures with buttons

51. Write a letter to someone who wont be expecting a letter, you will make they smile when they open it

writing a letter

52. Make jewellery out of pasta

pasta jewellery

53. Make hairclips: out of metal clips beads, quilling, material etc.

54. horse shoe throwing (under guidance only)

55. look in your garden and try and identify the birds you see there

bird poster

56. learn a craft like knitting or crochet

57. Do some weaving, length ways or circular

58. Make a dream catcher

59. Make up a “Bingo” game for your family with items in the kitchen cupboard named in the boxes.


60. Set a family competition, to see who can do the most Keepy Uppies with a football

keepy uppy

61. write your name in Ogham writing

oghan writing

62. Set up your own family mini gym in the house

gym hoops

63. Do some baking


64. Make cards for elderly neighbours, giving the family telephone, so if they are feeling lonely or need something from the shops they can ring you.  Your family can then assist, by doing the shopping and leaving it at the door for them or giving a friendly ring to check they are ok.

need anything

65. Do a still life/portrait drawing

66. Do some coin rubbings/ bark rubbings

67. Go online and view some of the many virtual museums

68. Get out the “Loom Bands” or threads to make friendship bracelets

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