January 2020

Tadhg’s Birthday

Happy Birthday Tadhg! What a lovely, cool cake you had for your birthday.


Australia and their Bush Fires

We made the Australian bushfires our focus as we started our new school term. We learnt about Australia in general and that helped us to learn about the concentration of fires especially in New South Wales and Kangaroo Island.

We made cards and wrote letters to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service and to two koala hospitals situated in New South Wales, one in Port Stephens and the other in Port Macquarie. We have followed the recovery of one little Koala called “Flash” who was badly burnt and is now recovering well but a bit of a journey to go still.

We coloured and labelled our own maps of Australia which we brought home so we could show our families where the fires are located



Here is some sewing that was finished in 4th class



Our RE lesson involved looking up readings, typing out the readings and colouring a picture. They looked very well when they were finished.

  • Psalm 8 v.3 when I look up at the sky, which you have made, at the moon and the stars, which you set in their place
  • Psalm 104 v.16 – 18 : The cedars of Lebanon get plenty of rain…. There the birds build their nests……… the wild goats live in the high mountains and the rock badgers hide in the cliffs.


Thank You

The Board of Management of Desertserges National School had a lovely “Thank You” meal and presentation for Graham Garland, who served as chairperson on the board for 3 terms. Those present were Marjorie his wife who has also done a lot for the school, outgoing and incoming board of management members and present members of staff.  Thank you again Graham and Marjorie.

The pupils each gave a personal drawing to Graham which are displayed in this photo frame collection.


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