February/Early March 2020

Valentine’s Day

We made little booklets of notelets for Mums and Grannies. The pupils had these drawings from an earlier activity. The notelets look really professional.

4th class finished sewing hearts for Valentine’s Day. Don’t they look beautiful?


Cards back from Australia

We were delighted to receive postcards and a calendar back from Australia, from one of the Koala Hospital Port Macquarie.


Italian food

We have been looking as Italy as part of our Geography and Map Work classes, we looked at videos of Venice and Pompeii.

We got on Google earth and looked at the old historical buildings in Rome and the rivers and plazas of Venice.

We made tomato bruschettas. We used tomatoes and basil leaves onto of grilled sourdough Italian bread, rubbed with garlic.


Wedding Dress Night

Some of our parents, past pupils, present pupils and staff were involved in the Wedding Dress Fashion Show at St. Peter’s Church in Bandon. Look how smart two of our pupils were!



The 6th class students made pancakes for Shrove Tuesday and they also made lovely buns a few days later.



Ash Wednesday Assembly

Rev Cliff Jeffers gave the school a lovely meaningful Ash Wednesday assembly. He told us the story of Jesus in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights. He had a folding bag of sand to represent the desert.


Visit to the Theatre

The pupils ended the first half of the term with a trip to Cork Opera House to see “Under the Hawthorn Tree”. It’s based on the book by Marita Conlon-McKenna, about three siblings surviving a journey to find relatives during the Potato Famine.



The pupils have spent a month in Art class constructing minature 3D bedrooms, this includes a lot of sewing, making furniture, curtains etc.

Here is one bedroom; the others will be put up when finished.


Kick boxing

We are very happy to start our Kick Boxing/Self Defence classes again this year, we have got a senior world champion giving the classes. These lessons also include the theory, health, physical and the mental side of looking after our bodies.


Birthday card

One of our pupils made this card for a member of her family, we are very impressed in the work that went into the card.


Apple Tart

We recently made a tasty Apple tart for lunch. It had shortcrust pastry on the base and puff pastry on the top, absolutely yummy!


School Closure

Under direction of the Department of Education our school closed on Thursday 12th March until further notice. Pupils will receive book work, reading and online work.

The Blog for March 2020 will be set aside for ideas/activities for pupils at home.

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