November 2019

Science Morning

We visited Bandon Grammar for a Science morning. We visited the labs and saw eyes and lungs and liver. We learnt about germs in the nurse’s sick bay and we enjoyed lying back and seeing the stars and the planets in the inflatable planetarium. We finished the morning with a trip to the shop for ice cream.  


Remembrance Day

We discussed the book we had finished “The Poppy Field” by Michael Morpurgo, we learnt about animals in World War 1 and the animal poppy, we saw the Sainsbury Christmas advert from 2014, which showed the Christmas Day truce. We read the story in our English reader “My Story – The Trenches”. We have also been reading about World War 1 in our History book.

sainsbury advert 2014


When We Were Warriors

This is our new class novel. It is by Emma Carroll, who wrote “Letters from the Lighthouse”, which we read last year. This novel is made up of three follow up stories of previous novels. Our teacher emailed Emma Carroll and she emailed us back. It was great to see a personal message from a writer they admire.

When-We-Were-Warriors pic

emma carroll pic


Toro Toro

This is another class reader of another group of children. This is a Michael Morpurgo book about a grandfather telling his grandson a story about when he was young. Antonio (the grandfather as a young boy) liked a young calf called Paco who had lost its mother. Antonio did not want his bull to go to the bullring so he takes him to a safe place.



Boy Giant

This is the second novel for a group of pupils in the school, it is Michael Morpurgo’s latest book. War has forced a boy called Omar and his mother to leave Afghanistan. The travel across the sea to Europe, their boat sinks and Omar finds himself alone with no hope of rescue.

boy giant



The pupils have started sewing a wall hanging which will have their names sewn on it. this will continue on into December. 

Please see the finished product in the December blog.

Thank You Graham

We would like to say a big thank you to Graham Garland who served as chairperson on our Board of Management for three terms. We would like to wish him the best on his new ventures.

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