December 2019


The pupils wrote a poem based on  “Twas the Night before Christmas”

The pupils based their poems on topics like “Twas the night of the new Puppy”, “Twas the night before the calving”, “Twas the night before the holiday” etc. They composed their poems, then typed their poems. We enlarged the poems to A3, washed the poem with cold tea and backed them. They looked very effective.


Twas the night before Calving

By Tadhg 

Twas the night before calving and all-round the house

Not a creature was sleeping not even a mouse,  

When out on the yard there arose such a clatter

I sprang for the shed to see, what was the matter.  

Away to the window I flew like a flash

Tore open the door and out I did dash,

When what to my wondering eyes should appear?

 but a miniature cow and her calf very near. 

With a little baby calf so lively and quick

I laughed at it, as it jumped over the stick. 

More rapid than eagles my father he came

and he whistled and shouted and called him by name

 Now Mum! Now Dad! Now Malachy! Now Tadhg!

Now dash away! Dash away, Dash away all!



Mince Pies

We made yummy mince pies on the first Friday of December. They had a crumble top and a pastry bottom.  We had extra crumble and made a small apple crumble with apples from our grounds. It was devoured.

mince pies pic


Reindeer Craft

We made mini pompom reindeer with pipe cleaners and googly eyes. Very cute little guys.


Sewing Wall Hanging

We finished our sewing wall hangings. The pupils first sewed two rectangles together using the tacking stitch and then the back stitch. Then we sewed the felt letters on the front of the wall hanging. Each pupil put their names on the material. Their sewing was so small and neat, and the finished craft looked very professional.


Nordic Wall Hanging

These very eye catching wall hangings were based on Scandinavian craft. We used dried oranges, bark pieces, cones, cinnamon sticks and star of anise. The pupils also made newspaper Christmas shapes. All these items were hung off a stick with string (at varying lengths). It taught the pupils a new skill and the smell of the anise was very warming. 


Decorating our Christmas Stockings

we looked at pictures of different types of Christmas stockings and designed our own. they are really original and colourful. 


Silent Night

The pupils were learning how to play Silent Night on a piano app on the ipads.

Christmas Card

We made lovely Christmas cards which the pupils took home to give to parents or friends. Christmas is a great time to move away from the normal school routine and learn new skills in sewing in crafts and cooking.


Christmas Advertisements

We had a fun English lesson where we looked at a number of Christmas advertisements which are presently on the television. Our lesson consisted of looking at an advertisement, giving our thoughts and opinion on it, the idea/mood/feeling it is portraying and is it doing a good job? We loved the Hafod Hardware Christmas one, the Dogs Trust and the John Lewis one.

Advent Wreath

As part of our RE curriculum, we were learning about the different coloured candles on the Advent wreath and what they stand for and when you light them, we learnt that Advent comes from the Latin word Advetus, meaning arrival or coming, it is a chance for us to slow down and prepare for Jesus’s birth at Christmas. It is a time of quiet reflection. The colour purple which is represented by three candles on the wreath symbolises sorry, reflection and preparation. The other two candles are pink and white, the white one is lit on Christmas day representing celebration.

christmas wreath candles


School Carol Service

We had a beautiful service. We had past parents, grandparents and pupils taking part in the readings along side present staff and pupils. our organist, our lay preacher and our members of the church taking the collection were all past members of Desertserges. We even had a grandson and grandmother taking part in the readings. It was described as a Desertserges reunion.  Thanks to all who took part.

carol service pic


Visit to the Cinema

We decided to end our school year with a trip to the cinema and enjoy a new film just out. We got the bus down and back and the kids enjoyed getting goodies from the shop.


Cooking brunch

On our last day we had a nice relaxing morning cooking brunch for everyone, opening the post box, distributing the Christmas cards, and enjoying the food.

merry little christmas brunch

 We coloured our own place mats and laminated them to make the meal more personal and festive.

Happy Christmas

We wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year. We restart school on Monday 6th January.

happy christmas logo

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