January Blog

Tadhg’s Birthday

Tadhg celebrated his birthday just after we came back from holidays. He had a lovely “peach bee” cake. There was a lot of work went into it.

Happy Birthday Tadhg.


Art : Robins

We learnt how to draw a robin step by step, starting with a ball for the head and a teardrop shape for the body. Once the pupils perfected their skills, they drew their own robins in a setting of their choice.

(Photos to follow)


Art : Collage

The pupils cut thin strips of coloured, magazine  pictures. Then they stuck them on top of each other, slightly layering the layer before. After that the pupils decided which simple silhouette to place over these paper strips. The pictures were very difficult to cut, but the pupils persisted and end results were really spectacular.



Cycle Right

The pupils are completing a 5 week course, which involves 2 classes of theory and 8 classes on the bicycle, two of which are on the road.

They learn how to do bicycle checks before they head off cycling, how to adjust the saddle, how to dress appropriately, how to cycle safely on the right side of the road, how to stop, indicate and the lifesaver look over their shoulders to ensure they have done a final check before heading off. They learn how to read signs they may encounter on the road.

The subsidised programme is coordinated by Cork Sports Partnership on behalf of Cork City Council, Cork County Council and the HSE Health Promotion Department. This subsidised programme runs in conjunction with the National Cycle Right Programme coordinated by Cycling Ireland. It was launched in January 2017. The programme was developed by the Department of Tourism, Transport and Sport in association with Cycling Ireland, the RSA and other stakeholders.


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