December Blog

Art : Split Pictures

We used A3 paper with handwriting lines as our starting point. To make a split picture you have to miss every second line of the drawing. Once the pupils got the hang of this skill they choose a character to draw and found the class both challenging and enjoyable.


Carol Service

We had our annual Christmas Carol Service on Sunday the 9th December in St. Bartholomew’s Church, Kenneigh. We were lucky the weather held as it’s very nice to meet and chat to the congregation afterwards.



Christmas Activities/Art

We had loads of Christmas activities this year, each child had a Christmas book which had stories, information and games and quizzes.

They decorated Christmas Jumpers on a jumper template.


The children coloured in Christmas mandalas. Which look very effective.


They made a Kevin Carrot and Family Christmas card (based on the Kevin Carrot stuffed toy family in Aldi for Christmas), it took a lot of tiny cutting but it was a lovely 3D card in the end.


They made rocky road full of marshmallows, chocolate, biscuits, golden syrup etc. There were none left but chocolate on the faces, we ate them while watching “The Greatest Showman”, as a treat for putting on a lovely carol service.



They made a Christmas wreath with Miss Keane, they used strips of different coloured green paper, then adding a bow and a paper white candle. They were very striking and effective.


Marjorie came into the school and made two crafts with them. She made a beautiful lantern and a Christmas bag with chocolate.  The lantern was exquisite, so dainty and professional looking especially with the little flicker light in it. And the little bags made from Christmas craft paper were gorgeous. Thank you very much Marjorie for a great craft day.




Christmas Concert

Our play this year was “West Cork News”, we interlaced the news with snippets of funny news that made the headlines.

After the play we had some poems, some of which were written by the children. Then we had songs and Santa’s visit. He brought lovely books for all the children. We finished the concert with everyone joining in with a sing-a-long.

Our 5 songs which the pupils sang beautifully were:

  1. Songs
  • When you Believe
  • 10,000 Reasons
  • This is Me
  • One Day
  • Lean on Me/Don’t Stop


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