September 2018

Art : Word Onomatopoeia Art

We looked at onomatopoeia words that we liked and wrote them in the middle of a sheet of paper and added sharp lines and patterns. Then we painted them with striking, vibrant colours. We gave a three dimension effect with a sharpie pen. They looked brilliant in the end.


Baking : Apple Crumble and Banana Muffins

The school has a well equipped kitchen and we have been doing baking this month, firstly we have made apple crumble, we picked the apples from our big apple tree at the back of the school and stewed these apples. Then we made the crumble and put a small handful of oats into the mixture to give it crunch and texture. The finished produce was yummy.

Near the end of the month we made banana muffins from over ripe bananas, the recipe is so simple but it produce the best muffins, that are so light and moreish.




banana muffins


SESE: Storms, Hurricanes, Typhoon and Volcanoes

(The only difference between a typhoon and a hurricane is the location where the storm occurs)


We spent some time learning about the hurricanes around the world, one weekend there were three hurricanes and storms, Ireland had Storm Ali,  Hurricane Florence hit North and South Caroline and a mega Typhoon Mangkhut hit the Philippines. We learnt that the Philippines has 7107 islands, that is a lot of islands!


This week we also read about a brewing volcano in Iceland, which is being watched as they feel it could erupt any time and then it will cause a lot of disruption, it is called Katla, at least this is an easier name from the explosive volcano of 2010 which disrupted European air traffic, it was called “Eyjafjallajokull”.

volcano Katla

They great thing about studying “real life Geography”, is that the pupils learn where countries are, what seas/oceans are near them, they learn about storm paths etc.

We read about the new names for Irish and British storms for the year 2018-2019and each pupil spent time making their own posters showing all the names on it in alphabetical form. Starting with Ali, Bronagh and Callum and ending with Tristan, Violet and Wyn.



Art : I’m dreaming of

We designed I’m dreaming posters in Art Class. We first discussed what we might dream about in class, what we want to achieve this year and what our interest/hobbies are. We posed in a day dreaming pose and added our very own photo to our drawings.



Beginning of Year Church Service

We joined all the other Church of Ireland primary schools in the Diocese for a beginning of year service. This year the sermon was led by Rev Canon Paul Willoughby who theme was “It’s a Small World after All”, and the high point of the sermon was the massive balloon he sent around the church to be bounced from group to group, pew to pew. The pupils went mad to touch it and pass it on.

church cross


Art : Burst of Colour 3D

We made large, thick snail shapes and cut them out. Then we made a lot of long thin triangles in many colours and stuck them on to the edges of the smail to give a 3D effect. You don’t have to cover all the surface of the snail curves, nor do you have to build a pattern, it is just a load of colour coming out at you. They took a lot of work and concentration but it is an activity suitable for all ages.

 (photos to follow)


Ardagh Chalice Competition 

We participated in an Art competition  from the National Museum of Ireland, to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the finding of the Ardagh Chalice. we had to colour and decorate our own Ardagh Chalices and our pictures are on display in the museum.



RE : Ruth and Gathering Grain

We read the story of Naomi and her daughter-in-law Ruth and how Boaz let Ruth gleam (the act of collecting leftover crops from the fields) grain from his fields.

We painted in our own sheaves of corn on a photocopy. Then we decorated the ears with rice and tied string around the bundle. They look stunning.



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