October 2018

Happy Birthday

It was Gabrielle’s Birthday at the beginning of October, she had a lovely cake.

Happy Birthday Gabrielle.


Art : Autumn Leaves

We went outside to examine the beautiful Autumn leaves that we have in our school grounds. We collected leaves such as Sycamore and Fern and halved the leaves, examining the veins. Taking great care we drew the other half of the leaves.

Not an easy task! So well done to all!


Breakfast Week

We had our breakfast week in October, it’s a great week to get together and have food and chat before the school day commences.

 school breakfast



We are delighted to be doing Tag Rugby again this year under the guidance of Branson Waaka, our Youth trainer from the Bandon Rugby Club. Tag Rugby will continue for 6 months with an inter schools fun Rugby Blitz at the end of the season.



Choir Singing

Once again we joined other schools for a morning of choral singing in Bandonbridge. We are very lucky to have the expertise of Dr. Peter Stobart directing and playing for us. Our latest new song is “Why We Sing”, by Greg Gilpin.

 choir singing



After our morning singing, we returned to school to make yummy flapjacks with oats, golden syrup, brown sugar and butter. Delicious. A great way to end the day.

 flap jacks


Readathon for MS

We are doing the Readathon this year to encourage reading for fun and hopefully encourage more pupils to love reading. Already we have seen more pupils interested in reading and telling us what they are reading and how many pages they read last night. We are delighted with their interest.

The first Readathon began in 1988 when the well-loved children’s author Roald Dahl launched the first ever campaign.

Now the MS Readathon is celebrating its 30th birthday with hundreds of thousands of children taking part each year.

MS Ireland would like to say a huge thank you to all the young readers for their efforts over the years to help people with Multiple Sclerosis by taking part and raising vital funds for our services.



Soil Project

We spent some time this month doing experiments on soil. Three families brought in soil samples. We did 5 experiments and then put all our findings on a big poster in the hall.

Exp.1 : How much water is in soil

Exp.2 : How well the soil drains

Exp.3 : The Ph of the soil

Exp.4 : Drying some soil to see what it is made up of

Exp.5 : the different layers of soil

 soil 1



RE : Church Exteriors

Our recent RE chapter was about looking at church exteriors, we went on the internet and looked at modern and old churches, traditional and unusual ones, Irish and international ones. it was a fascinating few days, to see buildings so aesthetically pleasing. We then looked at St. Fin Barres Cathedral, both inside and out and saw the similarities and differences from York Minister: stained glass windows, rose windows etc.

Both had the wow factor, in different ways!

Finally we designed our own unique church door, we looked at other doors on the internet and designed our own, either from ones seen or completely form our heads. Here are some of their Art work.


(more photos to follow)


SESE : Roman Times

For two weeks we looked at the life of the Ancient Romans, we learnt about their fantastic road building skills and how they heated their houses. The pupils learnt about Romulus and Remus, roman numerals, the social life of the roman baths and the competitiveness of athletes at the Circus Maximus. We also watched videos on the Colosseum and Pompeii.  The one on Pompeii was fascinating, it was seeing the eruption over 24 hours and the total devastation it caused.


On Youtube, there is a fantastic 8 minute animation on 24 hours in Pompeii, it has no speaking just sound effects and very educational and dramatic.

The one thing we all agreed on, we would not like to be out of favour and be fighting in the Colosseum, it was cruel and often fatal. We were fascinated by the sailors’ sails which were erected and used to give shade over the Colosseum, a bit like a retractable roof today.


colosseum 2

We learnt about the different rooms in a roman villa, ie the triclinium (dining room) the tablinium (living room), the culina (kitchen) and cubiculum (bedroom). The pupils then designed their own roman bath house ajoinimg the main house, with hot, warm and cool rooms and a boiler room to heat the water.

roman rooms



We have started doing our own mosaics as we learnt about mosaics in Roman times. It is a time consuming activity but very therapeutic and the pupils viewed a lot of mosaic ideas and went off to plan their own mosaic with great results, this project will continue after Halloween as it will take many classes to finish.

 (photos to follow)


Halloween Mandalas

Each child designed their own individual Halloween Mandalas. We think these are fantastic, the level of drawing and the colouring are of a very high standard.



Halloween : Last Day of Term

We had a dress up day in aid of “Trick or Treat, Temple Street”, raising money for vital equipment for the children’s hospital. Then we had a few fun Halloween activities and games, followed by an afternoon of making our own pizzas. It was a great end to the Autumn Term and a well-deserved rest for all.

temple street logo 2

(more photos to follow)

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