June Blog 2018

Cork City Sports
Our school did fantastically at Cork City Sports in CIT on Friday 1st June. We brought eight pupils and they tried their very best, ran their hardest and got great experience on the day, they also behaved exemplary, well done to all eight pupils.

We had 2 firsts, a second and a third in the heats, these pupils all got plaques for their efforts. The two pupils who got first, Vicki and Calum, went on to the quarter finals and then got through to the county finals. They were up against tough competition and did very well.

We had four boys in the boys relay team and they won their race, they got each got a plaque and a big one for the school.

We are very proud of our pupils and their achievements. Well done.

Our Sports Day
Thank you to all our pupils who took part in Sports Day and to all the parents who turned up and supported our day and to those who joined in the Tug of War competition.

Our pupils represent different teams and each race they take part in (the individual ones first, then the group ones) give points to their overall team result.

athletics group

Our Nature Walk
We enjoyed a wood river walk with our guide Calvin Jones, he is editor of Ireland’s Wildlife and founder of Ireland’s Wildlife Tours. He is a mind of information and has an interesting way of putting his information across to all ages, he sees everything from “cuckoo spit, to badger scratchings to buzzards”.

We are very grateful to Pat and David for allowing us to access their woods, we are thankful also to Ella and Eva for extending the hand of friendship to our pupils. Ella, thank you very much, for showing us the tadpoles and frogs.

We walked and talked and had lunch, then walked and talked some more, you don’t realise the questions you have till you are out in nature and see things you don’t have answers for.


Projects on Waterford and Dublin
Well done Tadhg and Devyn for tall the hard work you put into your school projects, the research, the typing, the layout ….. Well done Lads. A big shout out for Mr. Ryan who helped you all the way with the project.

Our Clay Models
Our clay models took about a month to make, dry and paint. Here are the finished results.

Kick Boxing Lesson
We were very grateful to Tony from the West Cork Kick boxing Club for coming to our school. The pupils learnt a lot and really enjoyed themselves.

It is great to see someone who competes very successfully at international level come to the school and talk about why he got into kick boxing in the first place and then the hard work that it takes to reach the standard that he is at. The pupils had great fun practising some of the basic kick boxing moves with him.

It was very surprising that the tentative kick at the beginning of the lesson turned into a well-executed on target hard kick at the end of the lesson.


amie’s Birthday
Jamie celebrated his birthday with us near the end of the school year.
Happy Birthday Jamie


Father’s Day
We celebrated Father’s Day on Sunday 17th June by making Father’s Day cards.

Ice Cream Afternoon for the Down Syndrome Association
Every year we support Ice Cream Day for Down Syndrome. Who doesn’t love ice cream, with loads of toppings, sprinkles, sauces, chocolate, jellies ….. and it’s for a very good cause.


gallery ids=”7926,7925″ type=”rectangular”]

Orienteering and Parachute Day
We enjoyed finishing off the school year by having an orienteering course around the school grounds and followed by parachute games. It was a hectic morning but very enjoyable.

Well Done Harry on being in school every day of the year, no days absent …….. well done.

The Summer is Here
We would like to wish our sixth class students all the best as they venture in to secondary school, new buildings, new teachers, new classes and new friends. You will be grand!

We would also like to wish everyone an enjoyable and safe summer, mind yourselves on the roads, on the farms and in the water. Stay Safe!


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