May Blog 2018

Martha’s Birthday 

At the beginning of May, we celebrated Martha’s birthday at school, she brought in a beautifully designed cake.

Happy Birthday Martha.


P1040603 (2)


People Drawing 

four steps to drawing people.

Step 1 Draw matchstick people,

Step 2 : Putting muscle on the matchstick people

Step 3 : Putting the clothing on the people

Step 4 : Tidying up the people and the full background picture, facial features, hair etc.


Well Done Boys

We had two boys did their first Communion this month, well done Calum and Devyn.



Rugby Blitz 15th May

Our pupils were among 500 pupils who had a very successful day at the Rugby Blitz organised by Bandon Rugby Club. Our students got lots of playing time, they played well as a team, passing to each other and looking out for each other.  They all received wrist bands afterwards for their participation and a yummy hotdog. We would like to thank the Rugby Club for the years of work they have put into organising this annual event, for organising a rugby coach to come out to the school weekly and teach rugby skills

Thanks to Santi, the Youth Officer at Bandon Rugby Club for all his time, commitment and training skills.




School Tour to West Cork Secret 16th May

On Wednesday we went to West Cork Secret just outside Kilbrittain.  It was an action packed day. First we went down to the pond to find insects, water beetles, frogspawn etc.

After that we had some teambuilding exercises, making our way across boards and milking the artificial cows, to see which team could get the most liquid into a tube. Then we did a jigsaw game, where we had to run and get the pieces bring them back and make the jigsaw.  We had a game of giant skis where 4 students were on each team and had to move the skis across the fiend in unison. The most favourite part of the team building exercise was the go karting. Here you had to do a circuit and grab a cloth or a pole along the way and then the points were counted up at the end.

Then the mucky part, there were three obstacle course, each more difficult than the one before.  These involved going into water and going up and down slides, under and over poles etc. the last water event was the big water slide. It was massive but they had fantastic fun on it.

After all the mud and water, the pupils had a very welcome hot shower and pizza, lots and lots of pizza. The afternoon events were centred on map reading, quizzes and orienteering.

It was a long but very active day.





Choir Workshop in Skibbereen

We travelled down to Abbeystrewry Primary School just outside Skibbereen for our third Choir workshop under the tuition of Mr. Peter Stobart, the Director of the Diocesan Church Music Scheme.  On the way back we had our lunch at the play park in Skibbereen. It has been lovely visiting other school

 choir singing


Athletic Practise

We would like to thank Ann Crowley for all her help in training our pupils for Cork City Sport. We would also like to thank Ahiohill GAA Pitch for allowing us practise up there and also Bandon Grammar who gave us permission to use their sprint running track.

Ann has dedicated her time to train some of our boys and girls for Cork City Sports, she teaches then the best start and finish positions, how to change batons, simple warm up and cool down exercise and she is oozing with encouragement. Thank you Ann.


Prayer leaves

All the children took part in a religion lesson where they made a prayer leaf for the chapel in CUH. In the chapel there is a prayer tree that patients can visit and their artistic leaves will be added to the tree.




The children had the chance to recycle all the boxes and toilet rolls we’ve accumulated over the year in their art class. They constructed all sort of houses from the materials.


Second World War Art

We have been drawing pictures of actors, actresses, singers, comedians, cartoon characters etc. from World War 2 era.  We drew them using the box method, we were very impressed with the end result. Well done guys.


Clay Models 

We spent many weeks working on clay models, first we made wire stick men then we bulked them out with clay, forming the body and facial features. the next step was adding clothing and hair. these models took over 4-5 hours to make. Then they had to dry for 3 weeks, we have 3 models from “Fortnite”, a farmer ( a pupil’s Dad) and a rugby guy.

After the clay dried out it was time for painting (another hour or two) and we needed to do many layers of paint and varnishing was the last step.


Talk on Internet Safety 25th May

We were delighted to welcome back Irene from McAfee to give a talk to all the school regarding internet safety. She talked to all the school about protecting ourselves online, giving out information, using passwords, using free wifi in cafes, communicating with others, etc

Online Security Protection Internet Safety Guard Lock Concept



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