April Blog 2018

Animal Dots

We painted in patterns using paint and cotton buds. We dotted the patterns on templates of kangaroos, lizards, turtles, etc. This is a great stress freeing class.

(photos to follow)


Rabbit Collages

We used a rabbit template and patterned the whole face with lines and different shapes. Then we picked different types of glasses for the rabbit and designed and coloured them. After that we stuck the glasses on the rabbit and placed it on a background we had earlier designed.

(photos to follow)


Under Water Landscape Art Work

The children produced a beautiful underwater landscape in their recent art lesson. The finished piece is now on display in the school hall.


Visit to Brogan’s School

On Wednesday the 25th of April we had a trip to Brogan’s. Each year Brogan’s Secondary School invites pupils from national schools to visit and get a taste of what’s to come. On the day we got to participate in PE, Woodwork and science. We really enjoyed the visit.



West Cork Athletics

The West Cork Athletics Track and Field Championships took place in CIT on Sunday 29th April. Well done to Vicki, Alex, Fionn and Harry who participated and congratulations on all the medals they won. Well done and keep up the good work.

well done


Fionn’s National Gold Medal

A very big congratulations to Fionn Merritt in 6th class who  won a gold medal at the National Still Water Nippers Championships which took place at the National Aquatic Centre in Dublin on the 21/4/18. Fionn has been training with Cork Surf Lifesaving Club since 2016 and recently qualified at the Muster Championships before going on to win this Gold National Medal. Super work Fionn, well done and keep up the hard work.



Jigsaw pictures

The children had fun taking apart the 32 countries of Ireland. The children were timed and enjoyed breaking their records.


Project work

After months of hard work the children have completed their project work. All the students in the junior room had the opportunity to pick a county of their choice and research it in-depth. The children then each took turns to present their work in front of class.


The Senior Room did projects on World War 2, each picking a different area of the war: America and Japan, Germany, Great Britain, Children during the War, normal life during the War, Women during the War etc.

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