January 2018

Tadhg’s Birthday

Tadhg was our first student to have a birthday in 2018. He brought in a lovely birthday cake. Happy Birthday Tadhg!



Backdrop for Clay work

The children in the junior room read Under the Hawthorn Tree last term. These clay figures were inspired by the stories characters and the children enjoyed making a suitable backdrop for all their figures. (photos to follow)



Working with fabric

The children had fun making their names from fabric and decorating the surroundings as they saw fit. They were delighted with their finished products.


Fabric Work including (adjective & alliteration)

The children created a costume from a variety of fabrics to create a character including an adjective and alliteration in their characters name.



Peace Prayer

We looked at the prayer “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change ………….” and designed our own poster using the same words.  We had a big discussion on what we can and can’t change.


Colour Wheels

The Senior pupils have spent many weeks making posters of colour wheels. They have painted the primary, secondary and tertiary colours, the pairing of colours to make secondary colours and another section was cold and warm colours. They look absolutely stunning when finished.


Pride and Prejudice


pride adn prejudice 1

The Seniors’ have just finished reading Pride and Prejudice. It has taken us three months. It has been an interesting journey through the book, looking at the different characters, how they change, who we would like to play in the book. We discussed whether we would like to live back in the Regency period. Who had a harder life back then, a female or a male? We watched the film version of Pride and Prejudice and aside from the main characters, we really enjoyed the pompous, foolish Mr. Collins and the stern controlling incredibly arrogant Lady Catherine de Bourgh.

pride adn prejudice 3

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