December Blog 2017

Carol Service

Our School Carol service was on the 3rd December at Kinneigh Church. The pupils were dressed very smart in their uniform. They did all the readings, the mini plays and took the collection. Three beautiful songs were sung by the pupils, “Come and Join the Celebration”, “Away in a Manger” and “Sing”.

carol service 3


Our Christmas Meal

The oldest pupils in the school, helped to cook a meal for everybody. We did roast chicken, mash potatoes, broccoli, Carrots, green beans and lovely gravy.

For dessert we had meringues and cream. It was great to share a meal all together and have lots of lovely food.

While we prepared the food, the younger pupils decorated the Christmas tree.




Collecting Food for the Cork Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

We have been raising awareness in our school of the plight of unwanted animals this winter. We gathered animal food (dog, cat etc) in our school. Many people outside of the school heard about our collection and donated food to us to pas on to the centre, in the end we had gathered a lot of much needed food. Miss Willis delivered the food to the centre, they were so thankful as food levels were low.

P1040178 (2)


Christmas Theatres

Over the past few weeks th4 children in Miss Willis’ classroom have been making beautiful crafts. They designed and made their own theatres with a Nativity scene. Take a look at the lovely finished pieces.



Lollipop Bird Houses

Many pupils made ornamental bird houses out of lollipop sticks. We used lots of bostic and layers of lollipop sticks. We made the base first and then we made the roof in two parts. Then we constructed the house. The houses needed to dry and stick overnight and then we painted them. They looked beautiful.


Christmas Candle Glasses

We decorated glasses with fancy paper, ribbon and sparkly dots. Then we put glitter sand and a candle in the glass. They were very effective.

P1040186 (2)


Christmas Winter Scene

Mr Ryan did Christmas winter scenes. They painted blue skies, mixing white and black to vary the darkness of the sky. They mixed yellow and blue to create different greens for our trees created from paper plates. Our trees stood out in a field of snow after gluing the segments of paper plates on.

The end results were stunning.


Christmas Calendars

We have made beautiful Christmas calendars for our friends and family. First we coloured in a picture of a dog because 2018 is the Chinese Year of the Dog.  Then we added a calendar for the year and thirdly we laminated the sheet. The calendars looked very impressive.

The dog theme linked in with our support for the CSPCA (food collection).




Christmas Reindeer

The children made reindeer during Christmas week from paper plates and handprints. The reindeer supported a range of different coloured noses as we didn’t want a whole load of Rudolphs.



Christmas Concert

Our Christmas Concert is just around the corner, we have been practising a play called “Where There’s a Will”. We have some Christmas poems and rhymes and the pupils will be singing three songs, “Somewhere in my Memory”, “The 12 Days of Christmas” and “Sing” by Gary Barlow.

P1040209 (2)

P1040211 (2)

P1040212 (2)


Happy Christmas

We at Desertserges National School, would like to wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas.  We re-open on January 8th.

merry christmas

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