November Blog 2017

Native Irish Wildlife Workshop

We had a visit from Niamh O’Flynn, from the Heritage and Schools Scheme who gave us a half day workshop on our native animals and birds. She talked about her life and her passion for nature. She had boxes of different feathers and eggs. She got the pupils sketching and they went outside to listen for birds and watch their movements.



School Photos

We had our school photo this month. we had a serious photo taken and then we did one where we messed about.


Music Workshop

Peter Stobart, the music director from St Fin Barres Cathedral organised some choir workshops in November for schools in West Cork. We attended the one in Bandonbridge School. There were four different groups of children altogether from different schools. He taught the children how to breathe properly when singing. He taught three simple songs individually and then mixed the three together beautifully, with different groups coming in at different times.

music image


Our Class Motto

As part of one of our SPHE lessons, the pupils agreed on a class motto. They all stamped their handprint on it to show their commitment.



Art Class : Silhouettes

Silhouette work was finished with gusto last week. The children’s work is now finished and on show on our classroom walls.


Art : Michelangelo

We looked at the life of Michelangelo and his early life.  Then we looked at the Sistine Chapel and the full layout of all the panels. The pupils had two challenges:

  • they did a lesson of painting upside down under their desks with the sheet of paper attached to the under part of the desk. They soon realised that this was extremely difficult and dangerous for their eyes etc. and they only did it for 10 minutes, Michelangelo too four years to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
  • The pupils had to do the picture of “The Creation of Adam”, where the two hands stretch out to meet each other.



Art : Vincent Van Gogh

The older pupils were looking at the life of Vincent Van Gogh. It was very interesting to look at his style of painting.  He painted the Bedroom Scene at Arles many times over a few years, this got the pupils to see that he “tried and tried again till he got it right”, so that was good inspiration for them. The pupils painted his bedroom scene, with only five basic paint colours, black and white and the three primary colours (red, blue and yellow). They had to mix colours to get the shades that they wanted for the different parts of the picture.



Shading and Mountain Paintings

Mr. Ryan took the children in groups and he got them to perfect the art of shading. They experimented with different shading pencils. They created contrasting buildings of pitch black in the foreground that got lighter and lighter as they faded into the background.

Making the dark buildings in the foreground was some challenge but the children found the task got easier as they went on, until they were barely using their pencils to shade in the smaller buildings in the distance.

We then put the pencils away and started painting mountains instead of buildings. The mountains were painted a variety of mixed colours but darker colours were used for the foreground and lighter colours were used to do the mountains in the background. The children were able to explain how the colours influenced the perspective with the dominant colours up front and how things in the distance look faded.

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