September 2017

Extension Art

Our first Art Class of the year was called “Extension Art”. The pupils were given an initial picture and they put this picture in the middle of a blank sheet of paper. They extended the lines/picture from the initial picture right across the blank sheet of paper. Then they painted/coloured in their picture, bringing the colours from the initial picture right across their own picture.




Daily Reading

We have set up a daily reading schedule so all pupils are reading aloud several times during the week. It has been very successful.

read every day

Crafty Cats

The Middle Classes worked well together making beautiful Crafty Cats. Several straightforward steps were involved in making the cats. The pupils made the Crafty Cats from a single paper plate. Lots of work was involved in making the cat fur which was made from strips of coloured A4 paper which was stuck down and layered upon. Next a circle was drawn on the back of the plate and cut out. This cut out circle was then used to make the head, ears and tail. It was a very enjoyable Friday afternoon activity.



SPHE/RE : Pears

We looked at the “Fruits of the Spirit” : Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control.

In our SPHE class, we had a discussion on what we excel at and areas we have to work on more.


English : Enormous Crocodile

The class read Roald Dahl’s “The Enormous Crocodile”. As a follow up activity the pupils did sequence work putting a collection of images from the story in chronological order. Here are our results.


Geography : Hurricane Irma

The older pupils followed the route of Hurricane Irma on her path of utter destruction through the Caribbean Islands. They filled in maps, naming all the seas and islands. They learnt about the different parts of a storm, the strengths of the winds, the different categories etc. They looked at the naming of Hurricanes. The pupils also learnt about Hurricane Harvey which had hit Texas a few weeks before. It was the first major hurricane to make landfall in the USA in over 12 years. They were able to put Hurricane Irma on their maps and Hurricane Jose (who was later to hit Mexico badly) and Hurricane Katia.

hurricane irma


Kick Boxing Demo

On Thursday 14th September tony Stephenson, former European and world kick box champion from the West cork Kickboxing Club  called to the school to give us a demonstration on kickboxing. He showed us all his medals and belts he had won all over the world. He also showed us some kick boxing moves which Isabel and Calum, (two of our students who volunteered to assist him), mastered in no time at all.



Zumba Classes

We are so pleased that our Zumba classes have restarted. Danny is a great energetic teacher and gets everyone up, staff and pupils.



Art : Caravans

The pupils designed their own camper vans, then they painted in the whole picture, camper van and background. Once this section is finished they work on the 3D effect. They designed suitcases to go on top of the camper van, they made curtains from material and added shells to the ground. The end result was very effective and each pupil’s was so original and different.

Art : Trees

Our autumnal trees are now on display and a reminder to all of the beautiful colours on the trees at this time of year.



SESE : Beach Trip

On Tuesday 19th September we all headed off to Inchadoney Beach part of our SESE Programme. We travelled to the beach by bus. We were extremely lucky with the weather on the day. Luck was on our side with the tide too, it was fully out and we were able to go right to the edge of the headland. We all had so much fun investigating to see what we could find in the rock pools.

We found so many crabs mussels and starfish. We also found a large variety of different seaweeds. We had seashore books with us to identify the different sea creatures and seaweeds. We carefully examined all our findings and then returned them back to their habitats. We enjoyed a well-deserved lunch on the beach   after a busy morning exploring, before returning home.


Cooking : Apple Crumble

On Wednesday 20th September, we enjoyed a lovely apple crumble in school. We used our own cooking apples picked off tress at the back of the school. Mrs Sweeney brought her recipe in for us to follow.

Step 1 : First we washed, peeled and chopped the apples. Then we stewed the apples with some sugar and a little water to stop it sticking to the bottom of the saucepan. We allowed the stewed apple to cool for an hour.

Step 2 : We preheated the oven to 180°C.

Step 3 : Making the crumble: (this makes enough crumble for 8-10 people). We  carefully measured out 12oz flour, 8oz butter, 4oz white sugar and 4oz brown sugar ( you may scatter flaked almonds over the top of the crumble before it goes into the oven).

Rub the butter and sugar together until it resembles breadcrumbs. Add in the sieved flour and mix well.  Get a large long baking tin (9in. x 13in. approx.) and put some stewed apple on the bottom, a generous amount to cover the bottom well. Then scatter all the crumble mixture over it. At this stage if you wish, you may scatter flaked almonds over the mixture.  Place in the oven for around 25-30 minutes, you will know when the crumble is ready as it will be golden brown. Then everyone had a slice. It was yummy.

The pupils loved it so much that some of them made it again when they went home that afternoon.



SPHE : Garda Visit

In September we had a visit from our local Garda. He came to talk to the pupils about road safety and the importance of wearing safety belts, no matter how short the journey is. He also advised us, as the mornings and evenings were getting darker to be safe and to always wear yellow high-visual jackets at all times, when walking or cycling on the roads.



“Start of Year” Church Service

On Thursday 28th September, We joined pupils from all the other Church of Ireland schools in the Diocese of Cork, Cloyne and Ross, for a children’s church service, in St Peter’s Church on Thursday 28th September. The church was full and each school had brought their own bells and school banners. The children lead the service by doing all the readings and the prayers.  Our Bishop, Paul Colton really enjoyed himself getting everybody joining in.



Intergration : SESE/ART : Hedgehogs

We read an article in the October issue of “Irish Country Magazine” on hedgehogs.  It told us all about the lifestyle and habits of the hedgehogs in our gardens. We learnt about setting up a hedgehog dry feeding area in our gardens and making safe areas for them to sleep.

The big issue we learnt about was rescuing hedgehogs, when to rescue and when not to rescue hedgehogs, who to contact when they need rescuing, and what advice to follow. A great site to look at was “ www.”. We found that Gail Jonas in Ballincollig rehabilitates hedgehogs.

A family known by Mrs Sweeney, rescued a hedgehog after they contacted Gail Jonas and described its size, colour and movement (or lack of). They minded the hedgehog for a few weeks, feeding it up, as it was unwell when they found it. They taught it to forage by day and by night. When it reached its proper weight for its size they released it back out into the wild in a safe place for it to live.

We continued the subject of hedgehogs into our Art class, where we sketched hedgehogs, they turned out very well.



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