October 2017

Breakfast Week

The first full week in October was breakfast week. We had a half hour of breakfast before each school day, where the pupils could have cereal, toast and tea. It’s a great social occasion. Many pupils don’t have large numbers sitting at their breakfast table at home so it was nice to have the whole school sit down to eat and natter away with one another. Friday is breakfast pancake day ……..yummy.

breakfast time


Tag Rugby

We are so delighted to be restarting our rugby training once again with the youth officer of the Bandon Rugby Club. This year it is Santiago who is from Argentina. He has a great way with the pupils, teaching them new skills and working on their team spirit.

rugby ball


Gabrielle’s Birthday

Happy Birthday Gabrielle, we hope you had a great celebration with your family. Thank you for bringing in a yummy cake.




Still Life Drawing

The older pupils had some “Still Life” classes this month.  The objects were put into different groups.  One table had boxes stacked on top of each other, another table had jugs and glasses, another vases, another towels stacked up and another fruit.  The pupils spent two weeks moving between all these tables, studying, drawing and shading. The pictures got better and better the more they practised.




Portrait Work

The children worked on portrait work which involved taking note of colours, patterns and lines. Here are the beautiful finished products.



Storm Ophelia and Storm Brian

On the 16th October Storm Ophelia hit our shores, and left behind a lot of damage. The school lost electricity for 5 days and the internet and phone line for 12 days. Our school like all others in Ireland closed for Monday and Tuesday. We returned Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, to manage very well under the circumstances, as we had no electricity. For the rest of that autumn term we had no internet or phone line as it returned the day after the holidays started. It was a bit of a surreal time, as swirling destructive winds caused pockets of devastation, neighbour to neighbour had different degrees of damage to their houses and farms.  The electrical engineers, the telephone engineers and roofers were working round the clock 7 days a week to get us all back up and running, the army were called out to remove fallen trees and we even had electrical engineers coming from France to assist with the massive number of houses in the dark.

Storm Brian hit in the same week and although the strength of wind was not there, there was a lot of rain and localised flooding and it weakened tree roots, damaged more roads and hampered the good work being achieved by our engineers.

storm ophelia


The Island of Saints and Scholars

Con McCarthy came to our school and he gave the pupils a talk on “The Island of Saints and Scholars”, exploring Christianity through the centuries from St Patrick to monastic sites right up to the last hundred years.  Con is a retired primary principal with a passion for History, especially local history. He gave a slide show followed by an art class. Each child was given a quill and some ink and he taught them how to write their names the old way, using the quill and writing in ogham, a type of writing with a combination of slanted lines. Thank you con for a most enjoyable morning.


Halloween Party

We had our Halloween party on the last day of the autumn term. The pupils came in dressed in fun costumes and great face paintings.  We had loads of games and lots of lovely food to eat. (thanks to all that blew up the balloons – that was some job).

The pupils donated money to “Trick or Treat for Temple Street”, Ireland’s Children’s University Hospital”, where they need money to buy new state-of-the-art equipment, to fund research and to modernise the children’s wards.

trick or treat



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