The Dental Nurse came into our school today

The Dental Nurse came into our school today

She gave us a great talk about caring for our teeth, our the different types of teeth, getting fissure seals, what foods are good for us and what foods are bad for us.

Brushing your teeth

  • You need to brush your teeth twice a day, two minutes each time, use a timer to time your 2mins
  • Make circular movements when cleaning the outside of the teeth
  • Don’t forget your back teeth either
  • When cleaning the inside of your mouth, use circular movements too
  • When cleaning the inside of your front teeth, flick over and backwards
  • After you do the outside of your teeth and the inside of your teeth, then its time to clean the hats (tops) of your teeth



  • You need to floss as the brush won’t get in between your  teeth
  • Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle down then wiggle, wiggle up
  • Don’t panic if you see blood, just let your gums get used to flossing.
  • Easiest ones to start with, the bottom front teeth


Sugar bugs and acid

  • Give us holes which we need to get fillings
  • If its severe it might need a deeper filling, a root filling
  • Or if it is really bad then the tooth might need to be pulled

Treats to Avoid or to Eat

  • Lucozade sport : 9 spoons of sugar
  • Bag of Haribos have 19 spoons
  • Eating mints, chewy sweets is very bad for your teeth as you are eating them on and off, so giving bursts of sugar and acid to your teeth continuously
  • Juices, don’t drink every day and only at meal times
  • Breakfast cereals have a lot of sugar in them
  • Nuts and cheese are good for your teeth
  • Popcorn is good for you, better choice than health bars
  • If drinking a fizzy drink which is not good for you, drink it through a straw


If a Tooth gets Knocked Out

(it depends on whether it’s a baby tooth or an adult tooth)

  • If a front tooth gets knocked out, very soon after find the tooth, hold it by the tooth end and try to place it back in place bit down on a towel and go to dentist immediately.
  • If you can’t put it back into your mouth, then put the tooth into a glass of milk and bring it your dentist
  • Baby teeth just leave them, don’t put them back in


The dental health foundation – tab resources for schools (primary schools)

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