Tag Rugby Morning



Our Senior pupils went to the Bandon Rugby Football Club on Tuesday 4th April with Mr. Murphy and Noreen for a Tag Rugby Schools Blitz.




They had a great morning, they won 3 out of 4 of their matches.  They pupils played really well and the staff who accompanied them had great things to say about their team work and their sportsmanship on the pitch. They all played brilliantly but they especially mentioned Xavier, Anthony and Emily.   What a co-incidence, our referee was a past pupil of our school, Joe. The pupils were very impressed with him and his professionalism on the pitch, he even gave them a little guidance on how to play better together. Thank you Joe.

Afterwards, all the pupils were wrecked, absolutely wrecked! All who competed got their medals and enjoyed a complementary hot-dog.




Well done to the organising committee on the day and to the food providers, a big thumbs up to both!

We are very grateful to Gareth coming out every week during the past 5 months to teach our pupils tag rugby skills.  We wish him and his team mates all the success in the Munster Junior Cup Final on Easter Sunday at Thomond Park.


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