Asthma Talk 3rd March


We were very happy to have a talk on Friday from the Irish Asthma Society of Ireland. It’s amazing once the talk started how many of us knew someone who had asthma.   Nurse Sheila Finn explained showed us how wide the airways are for a healthy person and then she showed us how narrow they become for an asthmatic person. The lining of the airway gets swollen and sticky mucus is produced clogging up breathing passages.  When these airways narrow then it becomes more difficult for air to move out or in and this is why the chest has to work so much. People with asthma become over sensitive and react to things that would normally not cause a problem, like cold, dust , must, animals or sprays (especially hairsprays).

She showed us the different types of inhalers and each child got a toy inhaler to practise procedure, it had a whistle on it which blew when used correctly, everyone got it working with a little practise.

asthma 2

She gave  a little after talk to those suffering from asthma in the school. It was a very interesting day.

The Asthma Friendly Schools Programme is open to all Irish primary and secondary schools.

asthma 6

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