SPHE : Trocaire : Mind the Gap (workshop one)

Friday 11th February : Niamh came into school and talked to us about the work of Trocaire and especially their workshop “Mind the Gap”. She started off by getting the pupils to play a couple of games. She had a map of the world and got us to focus on countries that we have visited and countries where we have family and friends.

She played a game. 8 students had to role play. They were workers in different parts of the world, they decided that with their first paycheque they would all buy the same camera.  For some in richer countries it would take them, 8 hours (1 day) to buy the camera. For others in poorer countries it would take months of work to buy the same camera.

Then we looked at our clothes label to check out where they were made. Most of our clothes were made in Asia, some even in Bangladesh.

Niamh showed us a video about travelling by rickshaws and tuktuks in Bangldesh. They she had us read a story with her “Farid’s Richshaw Ride”.

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