SPHE : Dogs Trust


Olive from Dog’s Trust came to visit us last week. She brought a lovely dog with her called “Odie”. He is a Yorkshire terrier, collie, golden retriever mix.

The Dog’s Trust is a place for dogs that have no family home. It is a re-homing centre based in the UK and Dublin.

We learnt what is important for dogs: exercise, food, water, care and training.  We also learnt what food is not good for dogs, poisonous food: grapes, raisins, avocados, onions, garlic and chocolate.

You should never take on a dog if you don’t have enough money, time or space. To have a dog is a very big responsibility.

Never pet a dog without getting the owner’s permission first. You need to always leave a dog alone when he is eating, sleeping and by himself without his owner.

We heard a lovely story about a dog called “McGyver”, and saw all the work that goes into rehoming a dog, washing them, vet checks, micro-chipping, family assessing etc.

When a loose dog comes up to you and you don’t want him near you, you should do the “X-Factor”, cross your arms over your chest, look up in to the sky and turn your body away. Don’t run as he may think you are playing a game with him. If he is really frightening you, you can always roll into a rock position with your hands over your neck for protection.


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