Christmas Baking


Tomorrow we will construct our 3D Christmas biscuit trees. Today we made the biscuit mixture and let it cool in the fridge for an hour.  Then in the afternoon we rolled out the biscuit mixture and cut out our star shapes and after that we baked them in the oven.

To assemble the Christmas trees we will need to do the following:

(1) We will need 5 biscuit star shapes, all different sizes.  We will put them on the table in front of us.

(2) Then we will make some icing and ice the five corners of each star and decorated them with hundreds and thousands, sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles etc.

(3) After they will be iced and decorated, we will let the icing dry.

(4) To construct the 3D biscuit Christmas tree  stack, you will need to place a blob of icing in the middle of the biggest star and lay the second biggest star on top of it but turn it so the points are not directly on top of each other.

Do the same for the next three stars, so they all sit on top of each other but at an angle to the biscuit underneath.

In the end all 5 stars fit on top of each other, and the biscuit stack, well it looks like a Christmas tree.




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