SPHE : Fizzy Kid v. Water Kid

: This was a very important SPHE lesson.  The teacher explained both sides by using a bottle of water and a bottle of fizzy orange. She went outside with the pupils and shook both bottles then she opened the bottles, of course the fizzy one went all over the place but the water just remained in the bottle. She them asked them to look inside themselves and decide if they were fizzy kids or water kids.  The class complied two lists, one the characteristics of a fizzy kid and the other,  of a water kid. The pupils then made their own posters with the  information.

Fizzy Kid Water Kid
Think only of myself



Out of control (voice and body)

Not prepared for the afterwards

Blames others

No self control

Yelling, whining arguing

No self respect

“My way only”

Thinks of others



Calm and behaves normally


Trys to work it out

Shows self control

Always prepared

Always tries to understand

Thinking win –win (give and take, understanding both sides)

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