Geography Trip to the Beach


Today we went to Inchadoney Beach. We travelled down by bus. We were very lucky to have the big beach all to ourselves. It was raining a little at first but then it cleared and the sun came out. The tide was turning and was coming back in, but we were able to get near to the end of the headland, to investigate the fullest rock pools.

We found limpets, mussels, clams and razor shells on the beach. In the rock pools we found many, many crabs.  We studied them, their size, their colour and then we put them back in their habitats. The rocks were covered in limpets and mussels and lots of different types of seaweed.









Unfortunately we didn’t find any starfish today. Our teacher had warned us not to go near jellyfish especially the blueish ones that are called “Man of War”. She had shown us pictures of them in class the day before the trip, so that we would know what to avoid.

And …………….. we found two, one blue and one pink one, we respected them and stayed away from them. Our teacher took pictures of them so we would have our own records of our finds.

We returned home, wet, exhausted but very happ1020857

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