The Paralympics

The pupils in the Senior Room have been learning about the Rio Paralympics in school this week.  They are the second biggest sports competition after the Olympics. This year they will include 4350 athletes. 46 of which are Irish. Paralympics comes from the Greek prefix “para” which means beside or along side the Olympics (ie Parallel Olympics).

This year there will be 23 different sports, 18 of which are Olympic sports: Archery, Athletics (Track and Field), Wheelchair Basketball, Cycling Road, Cycling Track, Canoe Sprint, Equestrian, Wheelchair Fencing, soccer 5-a-side, soccer 7-a-side, Judo, Sailing, Shooting, Swimming, Table Tennis, Wheelchair Tennis, Triathlon, Volleyball, and Rowing. The other four are Boccia, Goalball, Powerlifting, and Wheelchair Rugby.

We also looked at the two emblems, the Olympic one and the Paralympic one and coloured them in.  We coloured in a map of South America and found Brazil and marked in Rio.

rio-16-pic1    rio16-pic-2


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