Preparing for Our Concert


On Monday we are putting on our End of Year Concert. last weekend Brian and Denis put a very long curtain rail with 4 curtains  on it, in the big hall last weekend. it has made a great difference to our productions.

The younger pupils are doing a play called “The Gingerbread Man” and then that is followed by the Senior Play which is all called “Ancient Egypt”.

We are very grateful to Sue our Drama teacher for putting these productions together (the music, the dance and working on the script), to Shia who is doing all the props for us, to Andrew and Melissa who have helped with the props and then Melissa helping with staging.  Both Brian and Noreen have been doing a great job back stage. But it is the pupils themselves who bring live and soul to the production, they have really worked very hard all term on it.

We will end the concert with the Senior Room singing some of their favourite songs, “Put a Little Love in your Heart” “The Climb” and “Hold Back the River”. we will end the concet with two fun songs “History” where they will play their own precussion instruments which they made this term and “The Cup Song” where we are going to attempt to do the cup actions, we have been trying the actions and having a great time doing it.


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