April is Poetry Month in our School

This April, in the United States of America they celebrated their 20th anniversary of National Poetry Month, in our school we decided to celebrate April as our poetry month too, this all built up to Ireland’s Poetry Day Thursday 28th April.


We have had a lot of fun looking at different types of poetry

Then we looked at Onomatopoeia and Alliteration, these really were great classes as we could use lots of words and sounds for effect in our Onomatopoeia class and then when we got to alliteration, we looked at simple nursery rhymes and worked up to Tongue Twisters.


We started our poetry journey looking at “What is a poem?”, then we looked at varieties of poems; List poems, Kenning Poems, Diamante Poems, Concrete or Picture Poems, Epitaphs, Alliteration Poems and Onomatopoeia Poems.

The pupils all wrote their own poems and 6th class made a project of their poems. We brought music into our poetry classes, we sung two songs one which included alliteration (“We Go together” from the musical “Grease”) and one with onomatopoeia (Flash! Bang! Wallop!, Oh What a Picture!)

We also looked at Brian Hull on YouTube singing “Let it Be”, as he uses accents, impressions, humour and body language to sing “Let it Be”.

let it go


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