Anthony Garvey visits our School

Today, Anthony Garvey, a Dublin born, Kerry based award-winning speaker, presenter and children’s author came to visit our school.

He divided his session into two halves, the first half was all about public speaking, and he gave his “Come to the Edge” speech and all the children were enthralled. He talked to them about positivity, determination, confidence, body language, humour, eye contact, vocal variety and structure in regard to public speaking. He also gave funny examples of how not to give a speech.

During the second session, Anthony reading some extracts from his children’s book, The Dark Green Book of Dreams “My Teacher’s a Witch”. We were so lucky that he had just received his new novel shipped to him and we were the first school to see it.


This is his second children’s book, but it is the first in a series of 6, about children who can talk to the dead …….

Anthony was very entertaining and funny. He was very compassionate with our pupils of all ages listening to their own stories and answering all their questions. Thank you for coming, it was a very educational day.


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