Schools Proclamation Day (part 3)

We even made it into one of the national newspapers, The Irish Independent.


At 1pm we opened our doors to the public, to come in and view our exhibition. Many parents and pupils were in the hall to talk to our visitors.We had refreshments including homemade lemonade and a wide variety of authentic cakes and treats for everybody.




Thank you to all who helped pull this day together: putting up the flagpoles and the posters and the signs around the locality,  to all those who produced artifacts for the exhibition, to the two museums who loaned us rare treasures, to those who helped  set up the room on Monday afternoon, to those who helped in the exhibition room on Tuesday afternoon,  to the ladies who produced all the baking and helped serve refreshments on the day, to all the adults who helped with the craft stations. All your hard work and kind contributions helped turn a good day into a great day!  You have given the pupils of our school, lifetime memories, to bring a museum into the school and explain to them what life was like back then, this makes History real to them. Thank you.   


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