Our School Proclamation

All schools were given  a project this term, to write their own school proclamation. we spent many days thinking, looking at our mission, vision and motto and formulating our own thoughts.

Then we thought about what areas in Ireland need help now and what areas need help in the future. We thought about the advancements which have occurred in technology, medicine and education. We looked at how we can help refugees more. We considered the help we can offer the elderly, lonely and vulnerable in our areas and what needs to be done to make our community a safer place. We also have to think about the past and what has molded us into the country we are now.

We spent a full day considering children and school life, what school should mean to them and how we can protect them.

Down below is our finished product, we “aged” it using many layers of cold tea swipped over it by using a teabag, while allowing each layer of tea to dry before putting on another layer. Proclamation by Desertserges N S (1)

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