“Life in 1916”

Tomorrow is Schools Proclamation Day. Firstly, in the morning  we will raise our Irish flag for the first time and read out our own school proclamation.

Then we will get ready for our exhibition, this is titled “Life in 1916”, exactly 100 years ago. The pupils will be dressed up in old 1916 clothing and those old enough will help with the exhibition. We have turned our school into a fantastic insight into “Life in 1916”. Our parents, past pupils, relatives and museums in West Cork have all lent us valuable pieces of memorabilia so we can showcase the way people lived back then. We have items from all rooms of the house, the work shed, the post office, the school etc  We even have a working gramophone and a massive screw driver (3-4 ft long) for putting in the nuts and bolts on large horse carts back then.

We also had our walls covered with information on life back then, church life, school life (number of teachers, attendance, industrial schools and reformatory schools), transport including information on Henry Ford (whose descendants went to school here) to the first people who owned bicycles and cars in the area, including the Countess of Bandon. We have the train journey from Cork to Desertserges Station, information on exports and imports, livestock production, crop production, births, marriages and deaths etc.

we have received a lot of help pulling this altogether and before we left the school today it was looking splendid.

Firstly when items came in, we cataloged them and photographed them. then the items were distributed into the different areas of the museum.


Then we took some photos of some of the more fascinating items:

We would like to thank 2 museums in the area who have loaned us some of their valuable items : Gortnagrough Folk Museum in Bantry and West Cork Heritage Centre, Bandon.

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