Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a time for telling our family that we love them for looking after us, caring for us and loving us.


The Junior Room 

To show a special person how much we love them we each made Valentine Owls. We put a lot of work into creating our owls colouring and cutting each piece of the owl before putting it together. Don’t they look great.


The Senior Room 

We made little craft keepsakes from 10 lollipop sticks, coloured paint, a white heart shape, a jigsaw shape cutter, variety of coloured card and white stickers. We put down 2 lollipop sticks parallel to each, then we placed 8 lollipop sticks together on top of these 2 sticks and stuck them together with a little bostik glue.Then we painted the sticks and left to dry.  We cut out the white heart and stuck on pre-cut jigsaw shapes. after that we cut out two waves in white sticky paper, om one we wrote “I Love You” and on the next one “To Pieces”, In the end when everything was ready we constructed our keepsakes and took them home.

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