Community Trip to Bandon (part 2)

We continued our trip around Bandon by next visiting St Peter’s Church, where we were met by a parishioner Claire McCutcheon, a local archaeologist who lives in Bandon and by the Rector of St. Peter’s The Revd Denis Mac Carthy.

Clare showed us her favourite pieces from the church, a very old book with important accounts of life in Bandon. On page 3 of the book, it talked about flooding in Bandon, (how ironic considering our horrendous winter with all the local flooding!). She showed the pupils an old table which became an altar, but was cut from a larger table and she showed the pupils, a beautiful drawing of the church.She talked to the pupils about how to store important historical items in acid-free boxes and showed them a box.



The pupils were shown the chalices and the patens of the church and had to try and guess the oldest one. The oldest dating back to 1630. The pupils learnt not to be guided by appearance or design when trying to date the chalices. They learnt why they’re made mainly of silver (because they don’t gather germs).. They also learnt that the collection plates should not be stacked long term on their side if they are made of a weak metal ie pewter as they will flatten on the edge.

It happens that  there is a lot of history regarding the church and many many years back 3 items were found buried under floorboards, a sword, a shovel and wait for it …. a gun.  (it was extremely heavy and not working so it was safe for the pupils to look at, although they were surprised at the weight of it).


We also got told about some of the main features in the church, the pulpit (and the spare one), the lecturn, the organ and  the reason why one window has coloured stained glass on top and plain white glass on the bottom.

We would like to thank Clare for a great talk  and The Revd Denis McCarthy for bringing out all the church silver and the ……gun.





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