Community Trip to Bandon (part 1)

Today we took a bus into Bandon. First we went to the Fire Station. We stayed there over an hour and half. It was really interesting and we learnt a lot.  We got shown into the changing room and we saw all the firemen boots and trousers ready to be put on in  hurry. One of the firemen put on the whole outfit and the pupils could see the layers of protection they put on and the equipment that they have to carry. They got shown the camera which is used in fires to identify where people are in a room.

The pupils learnt how important it is for firemen to enter a burning building with care, how to go around a burning room in smoky darkness and how all firemen are accounted for and look after each other.

The pupils learnt how to “Stop, Drop and Roll” to save themselves and others in a fire situation.


Then the firemen brought their fire engine out on to the forecourt and showed us all the different hoses and ladders on the fire engine. they even allowed the pupils to have a go with one the “First Aid” hose. The pupils got to look at every part of the fire engine and ask loads of questions, then they got to get up in the engine, both in the front and in the passenger cabin.

It was a great morning and we learnt how hard firemen work, all the preparation they have to do before they go out on a call and what they have to do when they return after a call out. Their dedication and commitment made a big impact on the pupils.



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