Refugee Situation in Europe

As part of our SPHE curriculum we spent some time learning about the refugees situation in Europe. This is what we learnt.

  • Migrants are people who move from one country to another in search of a new life and work.
  • Refugees are people who flee their home country because they feel that by staying there, that they are in fear of their lives.
  • The top three countries which have had people recently flee their countries are: Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia.
  • Most of the refugee in Europe at the moment are from Syria.
  • 23 million people lived in Syria before the conflict. Half have left their homes, 7.6 million have been displaced inside Syria. They could be living in tents on the borders in bad conditions, not being able to move back to their homes and not having the health or money to move across the borders into other countries
  • All of the refugees in Europe have travelled long distances, through many countries with very little food and money.
  • Some of the refugees have travelled through Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Hungary, Austria and up to Germany. Many borders between these countries are closed now and the refugees have to find other routes.
  • Some other refugees have travelled by boat over the Mediterranean to Italy.
  • No matter which route they take, it will be a long trip and a dangerous trip especially if they have to cross a large area of water in a small boat, with many other people.
  • Besides travelling by boat, many travelled by bus, by train and even walked long distances to get to their chosen countries.
  • When refugees arrive in a country there will be a “Refugee Reception Centre” where they can register, receive help, food, shelter
  • Many countries have a limit on the number of refugees they will take into their countries.

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