Safety Week : Wednesday Day 3

Today Liam and John came to our school from the Bandon Cycling Club. The pupils brought their bicycles and helmets into school.

First there was a helmet check and then a bicycle check.  Helmets should not be over 3 years old and should fit properly both on the head and under the chin. They should sit snugly two fingers wide over the eyes.

The pupils had to do their own bicycle checks, this involved checking that their brakes worked, their tyres were firm, that the pedals turned correctly and that the front of the bicycle was firm and not loose.

Then the pupils got to do some cycling, showing their skills at mounting and dismounting correctly, stopping and starting, braking, turning on a corner and weaving confidently.

Liam and John made the afternoon fun, teaching all the skills necessary for road safety but in a very enjoyable way. What was really nice, was that all ages took part in the same group, from Junior Infants right up to 6th class.

It was a great afternoon both for the pupils and the 2 cyclists. Liam explained to the pupils the importance of a correctly fitted helmet as he had had an accident recently and his helmet had saved his life.  It is very important to be safe on the road, be visible, wear a helmet and make sure your bicycle is road worthy.


IMG_0213 IMG_0234

IMG_0230  IMG_0236



(See below for information on the Family Fun Cycle on Sunday)

Bandon Cycle Club as part of Cork Bike Week 2015 is organising a Family Fun Cycle on Sunday the 21st of June starting at 2pm at Lidl.

There are 2 routes to choose from through the town of Bandon:

  1. Short route for younger children under the age of 5. This route is approximately 1.5km km long.
  2. Longer route for all other participants approximately 5km on an out and back course.

There will also be a “rocket sprocket” demonstration after the event to promote bike safety and bike handling for all ages.

Helmets are compulsory for all participants.They will be asking for a donation of €5 per family to go to local charities.

bandon cycle club

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