Safety Week : Monday Day 1

Today we looked at safety on the farm.  We looked at 2 presentations and discussed the dangers we might encounter on a trip to the farm.

We know that farms are fun places — with all that fresh air, sunshine, and room to run around. But they’re also places where real work gets done. And some of that work involves equipment that can be dangerous if someone doesn’t know how to be safe.

Vehicles on the farm, range from the quad to the tractor, to the gigantic combine harvester, all must be respected and children must stay out of the way of them.

The pupils were also made aware of animals on the farm, they may appear cute but they can be very dangerous and may attack you.

There were three other dangers to be aware of on farms : slurry pits, water dangers that could cause drowning and chemicals lying around the place.

stay farm safe 2

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