Water Equality and the Environment

Today, Thursday 11th June we finished our Something Fishy Presentation titled “Water Equality and the Environment”. All of the Senior Room was involved. This week we spent most of the time rehearsing and filming, many scenes took lots of retakes until the final “wrap” today at first break.  we hope we do well in the competition and the pupils have learnt a lot from this project not just about the fish in their local waters but about water being a precious commodity and our need to conserve our water more, both  locally and nationally.

Our project brought world water issues into the classroom as three girls represented women from Zambia and the long walk for water they have to endure each day.

The boys in the group gave great facts as to how we could preserve water more and how big companies and business people were putting their time, energy and money into researching how to conserve water and use it more wisely.

The play was written by our Drama Teacher Sue Blake, she also wrote the words to the 3 songs which the children sang. 

Noreen our classroom assistant and Mrs Sweeney took the photographs, filmed and produced the presentation.

We also had great help from Megan, a past student who designed all the posters we used. We would also like to thank Ellen who came in and helped us out too.


IMG_0080  IMG_0081IMG_0095

IMG_0168IMG_0052  IMG_0101

IMG_0067 IMG_0113IMG_0062IMG_0014IMG_0004IMG_0024        IMG_0035


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