Our School Tour

On Monday 11th May the school went on its school tour. The school divided into 2 groups. at the beginning of the tour the Junior Room went to Rumley’s Farm and the Senior Classes went to UCC for a tour around the grounds.

Rumley’s Farm offered the pupils a chance to see a wide variety of exotic and domestic animals. They toured the farm and had a chance to play before they rejoined the main group at UCC









The Senior Room  had a great guided tour around UCC. First they had to put on the black robes, it looked like a scene out of Harry Potter. They learnt about the original buildings called the Main Quadrangle and the myths about walking on the paths and garden in front of it. They learnt about the different sections on the University Crest and why its unlucky to walk on it.


P1010424 P1010426

The tour them moved to the President’s Garden and we heard the story of the buried statue of Queen Victoria. Then we went to the Honan Chapel and looked at the sea mosaic which covers the entire floor. the guide also talked to us about the stained glass windows by artists Harry Clarke and Sarah Purcer.

P1010430  P1010429

We stood in front of the Boole Library and learnt about George Boole. an extraordinary man who became the first professor of mathematics at this university in 1849. He married Mary Everest (whose family name Mount Everest originates from)  and they had 5 daughters. Without George Boole’s brilliant brain we would not have computers, digital cameras, smart phones, the internet, laptops, kindle, ipads etc

P1010431 P1010432

One of the most “wow” moments of the tour happened in the Crawford Observatory dating back to 1880. here they saw 3 telescopes, the Siderostatic Telescope, The Transit Circle Telescope and the big one The Equatorial Telescope. The roof opening partially for the Transit Circle Telescope was a great sight to see but it was the dome roof being opened for the Equatorial Telescope that fascinated us all.

P1010440    P1010436


Our last part of the tour brought us back to the Stone Corridor where we looked at all the looked at all the Ogham Stones.Then all the pupils received certificates for taking the tour of UCC.


P1010449P1010445  P1010448P1010452  P1010447  P1010451 P1010450 P1010446 P1010453

Soon after that the rest of the school joined us for lunch and then we travelled on to The Guide Dogs for the Blind.  Here we watched a video of the centre, the dogs and their training. We met Buttons a full size white poodle who is a guide dog.  we got a tour around outside in the grounds. We saw all the kennels. We saw some dogs and the pupils were allowed to pet them. we saw a young dog being trained by his handler. She was getting him used to heights by going up and down steps and she tried unsuccessfully to get him to go down a slide.



We were very tired at the end of our school tour but we still had time to stop at the shop and spend, eat and relax.

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