Looking at Fish

As part of our “Something Fishy Programme” the whole school  went down to the River Bandon to look at our native fish. Michael from Fisheries Ireland talked to the pupils. he and his friend had a safe area beside the river cornered off for our pupils.

First the pupils were divided into groups and had to identify 3-4 types of fish in basins of river water. They were looking at baby trout, salmon and stickle back fish.

P1010469 P1010470 P1010473 P1010475 P1010479

Later each pupil was allowed to release a fish back into the river. Then Michael talked about the life cycle of a salmon and its different stages of growth. He explained why a gravel rich river bed was good for spawning. He talked about the parr growing into the smolt and turning silver in colour. Smoults are now ready for migration into the sea. They are able to handle the salt in the sea water.

P1010481 P1010484 P1010490 P1010496 P1010498

Michael then explained that after some years when the salmon is fully grown and ready to return to give birth. It uses its sense of smell to eventually find hits way back to its original river.The pupils then had to identify small creatures or bugs which are found in our rivers. they were fascinated in the leeches.

P1010505 P1010506 P1010508 P1010509 P1010512

Behind us in the field there was a gilder which was an added bonus to the day.


Thanks to Fisheries Ireland, to Pat and David Lamb and to Angie for creating a wonderful afternoon.

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