Numeracy Walk around Bandon

As part of our Numeracy and Literacy Initiative for this year we went on a walk around Bandon to see how numbers are incorporated into our everyday lives. The walk was a great success and we found that everywhere there are numbers, for example:

  • Speed limits
  • Lottery numbers
  • Rod signs and numbers
  • Electricity poles
  • House and street numbers
  • Opening and closing times
  • Phone numbers
  • Prices, sale prices and percentage reductions
  • Monument dates
  • Establishment dates
  • River height lines
  • Menu prices
  • Post box times
  • Parking ticket machine
  • Siler and gold measured in carat
  • Burials and deaths on grave stones
  • Water manholes
  • Tax, insurance and NCT on vehicles

After the pupils had their lunch at the skateboard park, they played basketball and went on the outdoor exercise equipment.

DSCF3202DSCF3185DSCF3210  DSCF3200 DSCF3189

P1010355 P1010356

P1010359 DSCF3245

DSCF3218 DSCF3251

DSCF3236   DSCF3257

P1010365P1010366 P1010367 P1010369P1010371

DSCF3307 DSCF3309


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