Easter is Coming

The younger pupils spent a very productive morning; painting, cutting and sticking very cute chicks emerging from their eggs. They  used oats to give the shell effect and little yellow feathers finished off the effect. They were so proud of their work.

P1010235 IMG_0415[1] IMG_0419[1] IMG_0450[1] IMG_0457[1] IMG_0452[1] IMG_0453[1]

They also made creative eggs from different coloured buttons.

IMG_0404[1] IMG_0406[1] IMG_0408[1] IMG_0399[1] P1010238

The pupils from 3rd to 6th Classes worked very hard one morning making these beautiful Easter wreaths with Easter eggs and bunny rabbits. They had to decorate approximately 20 eggs, 5 eggs of each colour and decorate them in their colour groups. then they had to alternatively layer them around a disc from the outside of a paper plate and stick them down. Then they cut out four bunnies and placed them around the wreath. they looked beautiful when they were all finished.

P1010248 P1010251 P1010258 P1010262 P1010270 P1010266


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